The reasons to buy an iPhone

I heard one person he doesn’t need an iPhone, since a 10-year old knows how to operate it better.

My argument is this:

  • First, you need to decide whether you need a smartphone or not. If you decide you need a smartphone, deciding to go for Android (mostly Samsung phones) or iOS (Apple’s iPhones) is the next step.
  • Comparing with a child who knows how to use it fully is not a rational decision. You can use a phone for:
    • Efficiency (it gets things done).
    • Functions (you can do more things with a smartphone than with a dumbphone).
    • Pleasure (kids are great with this).
      You can see, following this thing, that although a child will know more functions than a business person, although the child will use the phone probably much more for its pleasure, the matter in case is the efficiency. The question to put by the business person is this – will the smartphone increase my efficiency with 5%? If so, do the 5% increase in efficiency justify the price? It doesn’t matter if an iPhone can be used by a child 3 hours per day just for games. That’s not the point. That’s also not a very wise usage of a smartphone. And about all the functions – it doesn’t matter if, after two years of usage, you are only a beginner in using the iPhone. Does it work just as good for you? Do you manage to do things faster, despite the fact that you don’t know the optimal solutions? That’s all that matters.
  • Some phones increase costs of usage by a data plan. Other phone reduce the costs by using dual SIMs (it’s cheaper, in Romania, to own two 5 USD SIMs than to use one 15 USD SIM, and the plans are better for two SIMs).
  • The final argument is simple – buy a phone, if it helps you do things faster, if you can do with it things youwouldn’t normally do with a phone, or if it helps you cut costs. Other reasons would include pleasure/no stress/branding&fashion. But these are secondary, in my opinion.
  • There are many needs for many people. I find it easier to use a smartphone with an external keyboard. I don’t need a handsfree kit. But there are many other users, with many other needs.


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