Follow-up: What did I learn at Business-Edu Expo 2009, 2009.06.17-19?

A week ago I took part to a lovely event: Business-Edu Expo which took place at Sala Palatului in Bucharest. You can find out why I loved it so much by reading this blog post of mine: Why should you take part to the Business Edu Expo event these days? Here comes my review, separated by days.
17th of June:
A. Team Drumming Workshop with Drumming Cafe, Team Doctor.
I can tell you I had the best of times. Lovely, fun, great to watch and see. And lots of involvement and it was a beautiful experience for experiential learning.

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18th of June:
A. How do we approach learning in 2009? Mihai CURELEAAchieve Global

What ideas I took home?
– It is very good to do management of performance, which is a different thing to evaluating performance;
– There are three steps to approach learning:
a. Integrate HR process;
b. Cost control;
c. Rethink the learning programs;
– The management of performance implies:
a. A standard of performance;
b. People must understand very well the process;
c. Follow the performance – it can fluctuate;
– The cost / advantages analysis implies:
a. Aligning to the business objectives;
b. Analyzing and monitoring the costs;
(both of the above are done to determine the value of each initiative)
– There are three types of companies:
a. Those that make things happen;
b. Those that wait for things to just happen;
c. Those that ask why did the things just happened;
– Learning is a pragmatic process;

B. Games – Facilitators of imagination, introspection and communication; OH cards of association – Iulia SARAActive Labs

Lots of fun, and involvement of the audience, I felt good participating;
If you want to see the presentation of OH cards of association, you can see it in here: OH cards of association.

C. Change management and projects – Simona BONGHEZRoland Gareis Consulting

19th of June:

A. Magnetique Marketing – Bruce BENNETT, Rom Biz Conect
Thoughts that rushed on me:
– We want to go from a pest to a welcomed guest;
– You can’t push anyone into sales;
– It doesn’t matter what business you’re in;
– MBA acronm comes, for some, from „Massive Bank Account”;
– You need to have a:
a. USP – Unique Selling Proposition (why should I do business with you);
b. VSP – Value Selling Proposition (what added value you can bring me, as a customer);
c. Risk Reversal – you can give a money back guarantee;
d. Direct offer & call to action – Offer a bonus; Buy now, get something free;
e. Offer proof – what others say about you is much more persuasive than you say about yourself;
– You need the right tools:
a. Geographic;
b. Geo-demographic;
c. (if B2B) Geo-industry demographic;
d. Affinity;
e. Clientele;
f. Psychographic;
– Every media can be powerful;
– You need to create marketing systems that are:
a. Repeatable;
b. Predictable;
c. Controllable;
– Budget your market;

B. Interpreting the story of „The brave little taylor” – Good salespersons make 7 sales from one hit – Eugen DRAGOMIRCodecs
What did I hear from what he said?
– Quality comes from standardization;
– Performance comes from continuous improvement of the standards;
– Standards are applied to each level of an organization;
– The organization gives to the seller some standards (input data);
– The seller gives to the organization information regarding the activity (feed-back data);
– The organization should measure if all the required information has been provided to the personnel, if they know it and apply it; It should also apply the feed-back from the personnel;
– The personnel should offer valuable feed-back, should be capable to offer a continuous improvement of the process;
– Delegation can also go from lower levels to upper levels: „Boss, I have a problem with this – What can I do? / Can you help me? / Why is that?”; That’s bad delegation;
– For a traditional type of store the process of selling is the one thing that makes the difference among different store; It’s the actual experience of buying, from the interaction with the seller to the placement of goods;
– Steps for a better brand positioning:
a. Communicate at a location level (trade marketing);
b. Receive the client;
c. Recognize the profile of the client (Is he just a passerby? Does he intend to buy something?);
d. Identify the needs;
e. Present the appropriate products;
f. Close the sales;
g. Paying the goods;
h. A request to come back again;
– It’s a bad idea to just measure the results, it’s much more appropriate to measure in different steps – what is the client’s specific need;
– Standards are made to be followed by orders and changed by feed-back;

C. What is coaching with Gerard o’DONOVANNoble Manhattan
And here is a clip I made with him:

– We all live somewhere and do something;
– There are four foundations to coaching:
a. 90% of the coaching can be done via phone;
– You can have clients all over the world;
– A human being will reveal more things on the phone (more openness, more clarity);
– On the down side, there is no body language on the phone;
b. A coach is non judgmental;
– it doesn’t matter if you tend to be judgmental, every one of us is like that;
– you, as a coach, you have to learn how to be non-judgmental;
– the more you practice being non-judgmental, the more you become non-judgmental;
c. Coaches are non-directorial – avoid saying „must”, „have to”, „should”;
– You cannot be a directorial coach;
d. Coaches have no answer;
– „We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein;
– In coaching we create our own reality;
– „If it’s to be, it’s up to me”;
– Things about the human spirit:
a. We are human beings – you have an inner light that shines and that is out of this world;
b. We are spiritual beings;
c. We have access to any resource that we ever dream of in order to set or achieve every goal that we set for ourselves;
– Coaching is a collaborating partnership;
– Coaches see the clients as their potential;
– Coaching = „releasing human potential”;
– There is nothing wrong if we need attention, appreciation, affection; We all need love;
– You can learn anything;
– Coaches are living examples for other people;
– They are M.A.D. = „Make A Difference”;
– Coaches empower people;

D. Solution Focus Coaching – recognize the difference – Petra MUELLER-DEMARY, MDI Training

– What’s the difference that makes the difference?

Problem Focus:Solution Focus
The pastThe future
What’s wrong?What’s working?
(they all lead to frustration)(they all lead to hope, energy, creativity)

You can download the entire presentation in here.
A camp to take part to, organized by Petra MUELLER-DEMARY: The Journey of Life.

E. „Mens sana in corpore sano”: the classical way to self improvement – Bruno MEDICINA

– Whatever our mission is, we need one thing: energy (food, sports, breathing);
– 90% of the globe’s populating is addicted to music;
– We are surrounded by energy vampires;
– We can be, ourselves, poisonous persons – persons with toxic thoughts;
– I can create at any time my emotional reality;
– The concept of energy is very personal;
– We have too much: information, money, cars, women;
– Practical test: try to run as fast as you can and see for how long can you hold that speed; Bruno MEDICINA’s estimate: 5 seconds;
– We need energy to do anything;
– What’s moral and good tends to lift the energy level, while the things that are sins tend to lower it;
– What stops you to say positive things about others?
– The key to receiving energy is to offer energy;
– Help the ones that surround you to understand that they can do more;
– Discovering who you are is a lifetime project;
– Stop from time to time to ask yourself what you want;
– If you want to understand objectives and goals, you should pick a simpler path: the path of energy, success, achievements – they should all be aligned; That’s the better solution: see if you align all the goals in your life;
– We are aligned by a force bigger than ourselves; This is the key to leadership;
– The previous rulers thought they represented a superior force;
– The Universe has a superior key to be understood by;
– Try to remove the poison that surrounds you;
– You have to have courage to forces yourself out of your comfort zone;
– The one thing that is appropriate to drink is water;
– To raise the energy level, you should offer energy to other persons;
– Connect yourself to a superior source;

F. On addictions with Valentin PESCARU

– You should have more confidence in yourself;
– You should have more control on your actions.

All-in-all, I had a great time at the event, really enjoyed things in there.

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