Follow-up: November 2019 BucharestJS Meetup (2019.11.27, TechHub Bucharest)

On Wednesday, November 27, 2019, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, at TechHub Bucharest (39-41, Nicolae Filipescu, Bucharest) took place in November 2019 BucharestJS Meetup.

1. Daniel Popescu – Computer Scientist, full-stack developer @Adobe for almost 9 years now. He has started working as an ActionScript developer and over the past 9 years, he went through a lot of technologies and frameworks both on the frontend (web and mobile) and backend. Currently, in his day-to-day job, he works with JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, Redux, GraphQL, NodeJS, Java, Objective-C, and Swift. He likes being involved in the full product flow starting with writing the code, testing it, moving the product through the CI/CD pipeline, deployment, and monitoring. Huge fan of unit tests, end to end tests and automation in general.

2. James Miles – Engineering Lead @Virtual Gaming Worlds from Australia (yep, where the kangaroos live!). He enjoys being a computer programmer because he gets to work in a team, using both logic and creative brains simultaneously to solve problems and build things. For 15 years he worked on enterprise systems in C# and now he works in a team that builds casino games in JavaScript, Node & Java.

3. Matt James – Chief Technology officer @Virtual Gaming Worlds from Australia. His passion from an early age has been working with people and software. So his current CTO role combines both passions every day! One of his areas of interest is how Functional Programming has influenced and shaped modern imperative programming such as in the front-end community recently.

Moderator: Alex Proca.

Below, photos, audio, and video from the event.

Videos from the event (the videos run one after another):

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– Latest trends in building Web Apps that scale by Daniel Popescu, full-stack developer @Adobe
– The Cache That Stopped a $2m Jackpot by James Miles – Engineering Lead @Virtual Gaming Worlds
Abstract: have you ever had to write code in an interview? Did you crack under the pressure? Is it even a good idea to make people code in such a high-pressure environment? In this session, I’ll aim to address these questions and provide a basic methodology to help guarantee success in your next coding interview!
– Go Functional Javascript Idioms by Matt James – CTO @Virtual Gaming Worlds
Abstract: Javascript began as a functional language called Mocha, but was released in Beta under the name LiveScript in Netscape in 1995. Java and Object-Oriented Programming were the big things at the time so they knew it needed to have the word „Java” in it, despite not having been based at all off the Java language. Coming from its functional roots, functions are first-class citizens in Javascript, and other features like „map” and anonymous functions have given rise to a growing community of Javascript developers who are adopting functional idioms in their code. Redux and React really drove this home by having functional concepts at the core of these frameworks. This talk will be on how you can apply functional concepts to your code and design – and get some real benefits out of doing so!

Daniel Popescu - Adobe

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