About event organization at BlogTrip Oradea, 2009.06.26-28

In this blog post I’ll analyze what went good and what can be improved at the BlogTrip Oradea, 2009.06.26-28.A photo with the team:
Here’s a photo with the bus:

Credits for the picture: Adrian CIUBOTARU.

Team members: Bobby Voicu (main organizer), Raluca, Elena, Roxana, Pyuric, Sorin, Gabi, Bluarto, Olivian, Buddha, Adrian Ciubotaru, Tudor Galos, Laurentiu, Zoso.

What went right?
– Delegation by trust: Bobby VOICU asked on Twitter about some locations we could see on our road;
– Checking things better: Bobby VOICU also checked the locations we were suggested to visit with the team members;
– The transportation was fine (thanks to Mercedes-Benz), the accommodation was great (due to the other sponsors too:  Green Pixel and Microsoft), the plan for the days was beautiful;
– I have a rather unusual way of eating (healthy?), sleeping (a lot?), communicating (only on some terms); Nobody objected to my behavior;
– Lots of breaks during transportation;
– Good drivers;
– Good locations to visit;

What would I do better?
– I personally prefer things to be a bit more structured – keeping a tight schedule,
– I would have preferred to know more things about our location, plan for the days, things to take with us; Basic stuff for event organizing;
– At the end of the event we went from Oradea to Cluj-Napoca and back to Scarisoara to see a few people; There are two alternatives to this route:
a. The people could have come to Oradea on the previous days and see us;
b. We could have gone directly to Scarisoara;
– I would have preferred to have a better communication via email with the other participants to the event prior to the event itself; A Yahoo! Group?

What did I learn?
– It was amazing to me to see that people from Bucharest watched some locations that were very familiar to me (my grandparents live in a area which we visited that day); To me the grass was just as usual, the scenery had nothing special, and I’ve already seen that; To others it was an „Wow!” sensation; A bit different;

Bottom line: Lovely event, with a few things to improve.

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