Best WinAmp skin ever?

The problem: Let’s say you want to listen to a list of 2,000 songs in WinAmp. You listen to it once, twice, three times maybe. And at the end you want to pass through the list one more time to check which songs you like best, to save them separately. And you start listening. One song, two, three. Soon you notice that rather than wait for the song to get to the good part, you rather scroll through WinAmp. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a solution to listen to just 1/3 of the song, starting from, let’s say, 1/3 of the time? So if this was a song:

You would only listen to BB parts, and AA and CC would be ignored.

The solution: Great news! The solution for this exists: just install EPS High-End System skin in WinAmp, activate it, and press the DEMO button (three buttons left of the horizontal scrollbar of the song). Chose your preferred option (mine is 1/3 of track length at middle).

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