Being wrong

I think, at some times, it is not only allowed to make some mistakes, but it’s the only way possible.

When I started to write in English, a few years ago, I used to: (1) not be able to structure information very well and (2) write in a poor English.

I’m far from perfect, but I’m also far from that level.

I plan to start to learn JavaScript and write in French. I also plan to combine things like this, and write my first blog post about JavaScript in French. The number of ways in which this might go wrong is large. I’ll make mistakes in French, and in writing the code.

But it will me allow me to grow, based on those mistakes. I can, at a later stage, either correct the past mistakes or unpublish the blog post.

I can’t get to the level of „Advanced French” and „Advanced in JavaScript”, without first going to „Silly level” in both.

It’s not very pleasant to be there, but it’s the only path.

Sure, this only works for the types of scenarios where failing doesn’t bring very bad consequences. For learning a new skill, though, generally, it’s a necessary step.

P.S.: I know a lot of people who always try to save the face, and appear perfect, no faults, no problem, ideal world. Currently, I share a different opinion than this.

Go silly!

P.S.#2: A much smarter person than me:

Dignity and Other Obstacles to Success | Scott Adams Blog:
Personally, I think human dignity is one of the biggest obstacles to happiness, wealth, and success. I often credit my career success with a complete lack of human dignity.


To put it bluntly, I traded my artistic pride for a better business model. Readers were glad I did. And that made me happy too. I keep looking for the downside of giving up my artistic ego but I can’t find it. And more generally, every time I give up some dignity (”sell out”) I seem to come out ahead. I see that pattern in other people’s lives as well.

~Morgin~ - Silly Dude,
~Morgin~ – Silly Dude,

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