How to batch resize photos using IrfanView?

For various purposes (such as this one), you may sometimes need to resize a large number of photos. How to do it?

1. First step – download IrfanView (you can also get the plugins, but for the current operation you only need IrfanView);
2. Install it in your computer (be careful not to install also Google Toolbar); when installing, you don’t need to associate IrfanView with images (so, you may have IrfanView installed, but you don’t need to open images with it if you don’t like this);
3. Start the program;
4. File => Batch Conversion / Rename;
5. Browse your folder with picture;
6. Either select some photos and hit Add or hit Add all to add all the pictures for batch processing;
7. Work as => Batch conversion;
8. Output format => I generally prefer JPG, and go to options and set the quality to 80;
9. Check “Use advanced options (for bulk resize …);
10. Advanced; Set one or both sides to Width 604 and Height 480; Check both Preserve aspect ratio and Use resample function; Ok;
11. Output directory for result file => In this I put some folder for output of the pictures;

You can see all the settings I’ve made here:


I hope you’ll find resizing photos easier now.

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