Why taking average-quality photos is sometimes futile?

Note: The current article has been written more than 10 years ago!

Yesterday I’ve been to a trip to Bulgaria. I took a lot of photos, even made a short video. Yet, when I saw people with a video camera on, and filming pretty much everything, I felt disappointed.

I realized two things:

  • If you want to document a typical thing on this Earth, someone else can do it and probably has already done it, at a better quality, with more data; I took 1,200 pictures yesterday; a lot, huh? Yet you can get a better glimpse on what something is like through a video; you can get some feelings from a photo, and a lot more data and feelings from a video; and I’m also sure that the Botanical Garden has thousands of photos with it; hardly can I bring into this world something better or something new;
  • It’s really hard to produce quality photos; from all of the photos I made, I like this photo:

    But I’ve made thousands of photos, for years; what’s the point?
So, to some point, it may be futile to take average photos; it’s either already shot, or it can be shot at a better quality, by a professional with a professional camera.
OK, why, still, it’s worth taking photos?
  • I can get better at it;
  • For a stranger, it doesn’t matter if they see an album made by me or by another person; we’re both strangers; but to a lot of the people I know, it matters if they see an album made by me or made by another; some may like it more, some may not want to see it; but it matters who takes the photos;
  • While I like only one photo, the one above, this doesn’t imply I can’t make a better one in the future; or maybe another one I like;
Conclusions from the points above:
  • Right now I don’t feel the need to buy any professional equipment; I can make decent photos with my point-and-shoot camera;
  • Sometimes it’s fine not to take any photos, but just enjoy the scenery;
  • Try to get better at making photos;
  • In time, I can get myself a Bridge camera (with filming abilities and a decent storing space, 4 GB+.
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