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Citeste in acest mesaj un blog review: Aici si acum. Este blogul unei amice pe care am cunoscut-o intr-o tabara de iarna la Predeal. Cum se numeste blogul? “Aici si acum”. Intra pe blog ca vezi intr-un mesaj de ce este bine sa traiesti in prezent, si citeste mesajul meu ca sa afli opinia mea despre blog.

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What are the things I do for personal development?

I’d love to have the knowledge, skills and experience to write you an article on a subject from personal development. The article can be arguably written by everybody, since everybody does personal development in a way or another and has some basic experience with that. Yet I leave this task for people who either have a background in Psychology-related fields (whoops, I actually do have a Master’s Degree in Communication and Public Relations) and to those who read about psychology-related issues on a daily basis (I don’t really do that). But I told you that everyone has some experiences in the field. I would like to present you my tips & tricks, my way of doing things in personal development area – it’s only basic life experiences with that. Hopefully, you’ll be able to gain value out of my experiences. Below, I’ve picked up some basic skills on personal development that interest me. The topics vary from assertiveness, going through goal setting and procrastination. There are 19 topics I talk about. I’d love to find out that following this blog post they interest you too.

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Nicoleta CORBU – The best dissertation coordinator I’ve known

Do you want to understand why you should pick a seminar teacher rather than a famous university teacher to coordinate a scientific paper of yours? Care to know more about Nicoleta CORBU, a teacher which I recommend from the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations from the State University of Political and Administrative Studies Bucharest? Would you like to know the reasons for which I consider her to be a very good dissertation coordinator? Would you like to know the contact data of Nicoleta CORBU? Read on.

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