Follow-up: Stephanie JONES – The Eight Questions of Leadership, MBA Master Class, MSM Romania, 2011.05.05

Stephanie JONES held a MBA Master Class on “The Eight Questions of Leadership”, on 2011.05.05, at Maastricht School of Management (also represented by Dorina SURUGIU). Below you’ll find photos from the event and a video with most part of Stephanie JONES’s presentation.

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Follow-up: George Ardeleanu on the experience of conversion and freedom of Nicolae STEINHARDT, Clubul Țăranului, 2011.05.03

On the 3rd of May, 2011, I went to Clubul Țăranului to see the conference of George ARDELEANU speaking about the experience of conversion and freedom of Nicolae STEINHARDT (original title, in Romanian: “Experienţa convertirii. Experienţa libertăţii: cazul N. Steinhardt“). The moderator of the event was: Mihai GHEORGHIU.

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Follow-up: A kayak trip on the Danube between Giurgiu and Oltenița on Labor Day: the best outdoor experience I’ve had

One day prior to the Labor Day (the 30th of April, 2011) and on the Labor Day itself (1st of May, 2011), I went kayaking from Giurgiu to Oltenița. The event was organized by TID Romania. Costin IATAN led the group on the whole 60 kilometers of the two days. Below you’ll find photos, a comprehensive video and my thoughts.

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Cum scrii un articol optimizat din punct de vedere al motoarelor de căutare (SEO)?

(alt articol – Cum optimizezi un articol pe site? (optimizare internă pentru un articol): Olivian BREDA)

Notă: acest articol a fost publicat inițial pe Digital IQ ads.

Mă voi folosi în articol în special de Search Engine Ranking Factors, studiu bi-anual realizat în 2009 de cei de la SEOmoz.

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A question for Facebook, with my answer

Note: If you have a question on how to set a custom username, see How To Create Custom Username (URL) For Facebook Fan Page.

From time to time a new application for Facebook claims to present its users the number of people who viewed the personal profile of the person using the application. So, it seems that the biggest question on Facebook is “Who viewed my profile?”

The bad news is that no such application, event, web site can present a good answer to the question, since Facebook’s privacy settings prevent a third party application to providing such an answer.

The good news is  you can use the data provided by Facebook itself to answer the dilemma.

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Follow-up: INSEAD Master Class: Global Cosmopolitans with Linda BRIMM, 2011.04.20

Wednesday, on the 20th of April 2011, from 19 to 22, I went at Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest (Regina Maria Conference Room) to take part to the INSEAD Master Class & EMBA/MBA Event. The Master Class on “Global Cosmopolitans” was held by Linda BRIMM, Professor of Organizational Behavior, INSEAD.

Below photos and my notes at the event.

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