Saturday night

It’s Saturday night. A friend says – “Hey, it’s Saturday, why not spend the night in the club, since, anyhow, there’s not anything else we can do better?” Snap. I forgot how it’s like not to have anything to do; sure, if you care for your living only, it’s fine to go & dance in the bar for the night; but sometimes there’s more in this life than you and for this purpose I felt bad only at the thought; “Dexter’s Laboratory” (cartoon) dialogue: – How do you have fun? – Fun? What is that – “fun”? – It’s a pleasurable activity; – Oh, we have that (and the peasant goes on to show Dexter a method of both working and having fun); I mean, it’s nice, you can have fun, sure; but to say there’s nothing you can do better than this, since the next day is a (perhaps rainy) Sunday is a bit strange; there’s a whole planet; it’s the Bucharest of 2011; there’s a lot of things to be done; lots.

How to buy things?

OK, there are solutions to buy the right thing: Look for the best product (you go to niche stores, you research about a product on the Internet, you ask friends recommendation, you return to the stores that serve you best); so, there is the concept of quality (it can be anything from the quality of the product itself, to the service provided); Look for the best price (things get simpler, people generally have strategies like buying from a supermarket, buying online, buying in mass quantity, buying off-season); Emotional things (you get used to a brand, you want to try something new, it was recommended by someone you trust, you like it or hate it due to advertising, everyone else is buying it; you know, the usual stuff); But the best solution is not listed above. The best solution, to get the best value for your money is not buying a thing. Any commercial will start with the assumption you want to buy something. So, they’ll always tell you “hmm, buy from us, it’s cheaper”. Or “buy from us, we’re the best”. The solution, on the other hand, is different – don’t buy. Anything. Or, prior to buying something, really think about it. And if you can’t help yourself from buying something, buy small – small quantity of items, cheap products, small ones (but also aim for a good value for your money, sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a bigger product). So, challenge the assumption, and don’t buy it. People always tend to focus – how can …

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A cool trick for Google Chrome users

In Mozilla FireFox one of the cool features is “search & go”; so, I go to the address bar and type something: “wikipedia”, instead of “”; FireFox does a cool trick – it searches on Google for “Wikipedia” and does an “I’m feeling lucky” button hit (so, if I search for Wikipedia, it’s obvious I want to go the web site; if I type something that’s ambiguous, Google will do a search for me and present me the results);

In Chrome, I want to do the same thing – type something in the address bar, do a search for it, and go to the first result;

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Scurtătură pentru utilizatorii de Google Chrome

Dacă folosiți Google Chrome intens, poate veți dori să scrieți în address bar un cuvânt și să se facă automat o căutare la Google după cuvântul dorit și să meargă la site-ul care ar fi pe prima poziție. De exemplu, poate nu știți dacă site-ul Rompetrol e cu .ro sau .com; și, de fapt, poate să fie și cu .com și și cu .ro, dar voi vreți să faceți o căutare și să mergeți la primul rezultat, pentru că, deși poate ambele site-uri există, voi vreți să mergeți la cel mai popular; așadar, căutarea are sens; cum faci însă să ai în Address Bar o căutare automată după cuvântul cheie dorit? Pas cu pas: – Nou tab, – Click dreapta pe bara de adrese; – Edit search engines; – La “Add a new search engine” dați un nume (eu am pus Google Instant Search), apoi la “Keyword” alegeți ce vreți să tastați înainte de un cuvânt cheie (eu am pus “>”) și la URL puneți “” (fără ghilmele); Acum deschideți un nou tab și tastați: “> Rompetrol” (de observat  că între > și cuvântul/cuvintele cheie dorit e necesar să lăsați un spațiu sau un tab); Dați enter și sunteți trimiși la primul rezultat în Google după Rompetrol; puteți avea motorul de căutare în limba engleză dacă puneți ca URL: Sursa.