Hari K Patibanda - A Pair of Wood Sandpipers fighting for the perch

Three stories:

  • A client is upset with me. I get defensive and try to present the situation.
  • A person who doesn’t like an argument I make is aggressive. I refuse to reply.
  • I posted a photo on 9Gag; I got an aggressive comment. I ignored the aggressiveness and tried to present something optimistic.

I think the latter option is the best. Try to find something good in an argument.

Sometimes, in arguments, I have two opposing tendencies:

  • To reply to everything that is said.
  • To not reply to something that is said aggressively.

I recently found a better option – reply just partially and try to improve on the conversation.

And perhaps not get offended easily? (easier said than done)

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How to read news from people/pages on Facebook?

BRICK 101 - Brik Book | LEGO Compatible MacBook Case

Sometimes, I talk to people saying one of the following:

  • „Facebook constantly feeds me with lots of advertising”;
  • „Facebook only rarely, if ever, shows me your messages.”

Sure, if you go to and allow Facebook to determine what is essential for you, then you’ll have the above issues.

How to fix this? Two solutions:

  • Unfollow most people; I only follow a handful of people;
  • Instead of allowing Facebook to create a newsfeed for me, I visit the people/entities profiles/pages; so, I don’t read, but I read, for example, – I periodically visit URLs like these. I have created bookmarks and a folder for those bookmarks, and, with various periodicity, I visit those URLs.

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A house by the beach

Pasăre la mare, pe plajă

I see people deciding where to build a house in Romania. And people constantly choose places far from the sea. I even know of a family who bought a new place, but not by the sea, but around 30 minutes – one-hour drive from the sea.

„Why would you do this?” I keep asking myself.

I’ve lived for most of my life by the sea, at a 20/30-minute walk from the sea (10 minutes by car).

The air is fresh, you can choose to find a place not far away from a city, you can get an urban lifestyle and a closeness to nature.

There are only a few downsides to living by the sea, but I consider living by the seaside as an (almost) free ticket to being happy.

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You are your calendar!

Theen Moy - Tea Time

There is a video by Tom Peters on this topic:

Brand You: You Are Your Calendar – YouTube.

It makes me think – it’s important to have principles and values to form strategy and use tactics.

But if you don’t act on what is on your mind, your life doesn’t reflect your values.

„Ar trebui să încercăm să trăim în așa fel încât, dacă s-ar pierde Evanghelia, numai privindu-ne cineva, ea să poată fi scrisă din nou” – Mitropolitul Antonie al Surojului

(on this: Dacă s-ar pierde Evanghelia – Blog de Olivian Breda)

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Banc cu pisica

Finn Frode - Rain - Happy Caturday

Se întâlnesc doi prieteni după mult timp, la Suceava.

– Ce mai faci?

– Ce să fac, bine, cu viața mea, aici.

– Dar ce mai face pisicuța aceea, mică-mică, Angora, căreia îi dădeam un litru de lapte pe zi.

– A murit.

– A murit?

– Da, a murit, dar ce te agiți atâta, că mor și oamenii, darămite pisicile. A murit. Ce te miri atâta?

– Păi tu nu știi că sunt un om sensibil? Puteai să îmi spui și mie că e în pivniță după șoricei, sau sus, pe acoperiș. Ce face tatăl tău?

– E sus, pe acoperiș.

Un video cu Florin Piersic spunând acest banc ».

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WillLin - +樂水 Hotel De Plus

Ion și Vasile, prieteni buni, discutau la un pahar de bere.

– Vasile, am fost în Turcia la all-inclusive, excepțional: mănânci cât vrei, bei cât vrei, cu bar la piscină, lux mare. Chiar si Antonio Banderas era cazat acolo. Dar să vezi ce fază pățesc: mă duc într-o dimineață la micul dejun, Maria mea rămâne în cameră. Când mă întorc, ia-o pe Maria de unde nu-i.

O caut peste tot, mă panichez, mă duc la recepție și recepționerul îmi spune că a urcat cu don Antonio în cameră. Mă duc acolo, bat la ușă, deschide Antonio – dezbrăcat.

Ce să zic – Antonio, bărbat bine: înalt, frumos, plin de mușchi, brunet, ochi albaștri, fără pic de burta. Când colo, iese Maria mea dezbrăcată din baie! Cu țâțele lăsate, curul vai mama ei, cearcăne, șunci … bă, mi-a fost o rușine de omul ăla …

Video cu Șerban Pavlu »

(via »)

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Samsung vs. Apple brand

Brandy - Quality?

Samsung sells both expensive and cheap phones.

Apple generally sells expensive phones.

When Samsung tries to sell a Samsung Galaxy Ultra phone, it creates a question in the buyer’s mind: „Am I buying an expensive or cheap product?”

When Apple tries to sell a cheap iPhone SE, people might ask – „Is this a cheap product? That’s hard to believe!”

There’s a reason why, in the car industry, BMW only sells expensive cars, while Volkswagen cars are average.

You don’t buy a luxury Volkswagen and a cheap BMW.

I believe Apple should sell the iPhone SE, and Samsung should create a separate brand for its top products.

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And more beggars

Hari K Patibanda - A Pair of Wood Sandpipers fighting for the perch

Sometimes, I see beggars in trains.

Some travel on the floor, claiming they don’t have legs (most of them do).

Some leave some things to buy or take as a donation from them and return afterward to ask for money.

Some claim to be mute.

When you tell them not to leave objects near you, as you don’t want them, some of them become aggressive, although their place in the train is unclear.

I don’t remember giving anything to them anytime.

I think helping them is hurting society, as this encourages them.

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longreach - People 5498

You don’t know their history if you see a beggar on the street.

You aren’t sure that if you help them with money, they’ll use this money in a very unethical way.

If someone asks for money on a social network, you don’t know, again, their history.

The solution in that case? Go to an NGO, tell them your story, make them spread your story, and vouch for you.

If such an NGO doesn’t exist (but I think it does), it needs to be invented.

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