Follow-up: „A case of authentic leadership in financial reporting and decision”: Adrian MANAICU and Carmen MINCU EMBA MasterClass from ASEBUSS, 2012.02.09

On 2012.02.09, I took part to Executive MBA 2012 program presentation. More about the event:

There was also a class simulation, on: „A case of authentic leadership in financial reporting and decision”, by Adrian MANAICU and Carmen MINCU.

Details on the speakers:

My note on the event was about authentic leaders:

  • They are beyond ethics. It’s more than that.
  • They won’t break the promise without explaining.
  • Have faith that their employees are following them.
  • Trust is part of the business.
  • Leaders who know who they are, know what they believe in and value, and act on those values and beliefs openly and candidly.
  • Their followers would consider them to be ethical people, trust and have faith on them.
  • At a crossroad, would apply an adequate management toolkit.


Photos (go full-screen):

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