But I already saw all the good movies!

I know a person who once told me – „But I already saw all the good movies! There’s nothing to do anymore.”

I didn’t have a good answer for that person at that time.

My answer, now, would be: „Do different things. Don’t just watch movies, get involved, take part in events, volunteer, travel, meet new people, start projects, work extra, read, compose songs, or do sport. By doing different things, you’ll see that watching movies will be a more enriching experience. You’ll learn to appreciate different kinds of movies, to understand better the movies you saw. And just by focusing on a few of the actions above, you’ll likely fill up your time.”

Get some action, and the action will bring results.

If you shift the perspective (going from watching movies to doing other activities), when you return (come back to watching movies), you’ll be a different person. The movies will be the same. You won’t.


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