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Dall-e Artificial Intelligence A.I.


PS: Gamma App:

A new medium for
presenting ideas.
Powered by AI.

Just start writing. Beautiful, engaging content with none of the formatting and design work.

PS: Releva.AI AI powered marketing automation for eCommerce:

Deep-tech personalization for innovative eCommerce. The eCommerce growth companY.

Hundreds of brands use Releva’s AI personalization platform to engage customers and increase conversion to accelerate growth.

PS, 2023.06.27: Revolutionize Your Ecommerce Strategy With The Best ChatGPT Prompts And Plugins:

Adapt these top ChatGPT plugins (including prompts) for your ecommerce business so you can streamline and improve your marketing.

PS, 2023.07.17: MIT study: ChatGPT increases productivity, has potential to close the inequality gap | Mashable:

Hard data that ChatGPT helps with work.

PS; 2023.07.27: AI vs Humans – The SEO Content Experiment – Reboot Online:

One of the key takeaways from this experiment is that content written by skilled human writers, dedicated to creating content that resonates and connects with their target audience, is still in high demand (by readers, and by search engines).

PS, 2023.07.28: Futurepedia – The Largest AI Tools Directory | Home:

The largest ai tools directory, updated daily.

PS, 2023.08.05: How to learn more about AI? Start with the habit of using AI engines to search for various things. Try to search on Google, but also search on different AI platforms and compare the results. It’s a nice habit.

PS, 2023.08.10: Describe Your Movie.

PS; 2023.08.25: OpenAI may have to wipe ChatGPT and start over:

OpenAI, the company behind the popular generative AI tool ChatGPT, could be forced to wipe its chatbot and start over completely, according to a new report from NPR (via Ars Technica). The wipe may come as part of a potential lawsuit which could also see OpenAI fined up to $150,000 for each piece of copyrighted material used to train the language model.

PS, 2023.08.25: How ChatGPT turned generative AI into an “anything tool” | Ars Technica:

Until recently, AI models were specialized tools. Modern LLMs are different.

PS, 2023.08.25: AI Isn’t Good Enough – by SK Ventures:

We are quickly reaching the limits of current AI, whether because of its tendency to hallucinations, inadequate training data in narrow fields, sunsetted training corpora from years ago, or myriad other reasons. We are pushing against the limits of what current AI can do, and that has unintended consequences, which we will return to in a moment.

PS, 2023.08.31: As ChatGPT Jobs Rise, so Do AI Skills Listed on LinkedIn Profiles:

The number of job postings mentioning ChatGPT has surged in recent months.
LinkedIn job seekers are adding AI skills to their profiles at a rapid rate.
Some AI skills are highly technical, but people skills still have a lot of value.

PS, 2023.09.14: AI-Powered Webpage Audit and Optimization: SEO and Conversion in 8 Prompts | Orbit Media Studios:

Here’s a better, more specific question…
How can we train AI to recommend edits to our most important pages that drive measurable impact for both search rankings and conversions?

PS, 2023.09.14: AI Lie: Machines Don’t Learn Like Humans (And Don’t Have the Right To) | Tom’s Hardware:

Some argue that bots should be entitled to ingest any content they see, because people can.

PS: 2023.09.30: Cum afli mai multe despre AI (inteligență artificială), ML (machine learning – învățare automată) și ChatGPT (un algoritm revoluționar de limbaj artificial)?

Legat de cărți, pot fi folosite pentru a înțelege principiile, dar nu mi se par relevante pentru aplicații practice. Adică aș folosi cărțile despre AI (inteligență artificială) și ML (machine learning) pentru a înțelege procesul, dar sunt atâtea noutăți în domeniu încât e nevoie și de știri/analize recente.

PS, 2023.10.01: GPT Excel – AI Powered Excel formula Generator:

The most powerful AI assistant for Excel & Google Sheets.

PS, 2023.10.01: Why humans can’t trust AI: You don’t know how it works, what it’s going to do or whether it’ll serve your interests:

If you fundamentally don’t understand something as unpredictable as AI, how can you trust it?

PS, 2023.10.02: Bing Chat rolling out personalized answers:

Today at the Microsoft AI event Bing Chat showed off some new memory search features.

PS, 2023.10.07: 19 Best AI Platforms for Marketers and Marketing Analysts in 2023:

If you’ve used newly accessible generative AI tools, you’ve likely realized how many tasks you can streamline in just seconds.

PS, 2023.12.17: AI for marketing: An introduction – Olivian Breda (2023.10.16) – Blog de Olivian Breda.

PS, 2023.12.17: Două linkuri rapide de folosit pentru a genera răspunsuri:
a. Imagini:
b. Text (deși e mai bun ChatGPT accesat în varianta clasică:

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