About Ad Astra (2019)

I’ve seen Ad Astra (2019). Some feedback, below. SPOILER ALERT!

  • On the positive part, I connected well with the characters. I enjoyed their emotions. It’s just a single positive thing I want to say about the movie – this one -, but it is an important one.
  • It was just for children, almost nothing for adults. Very simple script, very simple jokes, very simple emotions. A cartoon can be made to also have some things which are more profound/complicated. This was just for kids, in my opinion.
  • There was almost no background plot – everything was in the first plot. In most movies, a character goes through an obvious quest, while also working on a deeper, more profound, plot. There was a second plot in the movie, but very poorly developed.
  • Lots of clichés.
  • I’ve watched the trailer. It had all the good ingredients – the main quest, good graphics. I saw that the makers of the movie also made „How to train your dragon” series. Good ingredients. The result from these two ingredients was disappointing, though.
  • At some point in the movie, some obstacles occurred. Generally, I say of a movie that it isn’t creative enough, by solving problems merely by insisting, not by creativity and good thinking. In here, it wasn’t even insisting. There is a wall in front of you – an obstacle. Suddenly, the obstacle isn’t there. I exaggerate a bit, but this is pretty much how I’ve felt through the movie. What can you learn from an obstacle that just disappears? Not my kind of magic.
  • I don’t like cartoons which have poor graphics. This one had very good graphics, but I didn’t like the movie that much. 8/10 seems like a high grade, it’s mostly due to the fact that I connected nicely with the characters.

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