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Ghid Black Friday 2014 – ce să cumperi?, de unde?, cum a fost anii trecuți?, ce observații personale am?

De ce să cumperi de Black Friday?

eMAG nu a obtinut profit de Black Friday, daca se iau in calcul absolut toate cheltuielile, insa marele castig va fi pe termen lung cand compania poate atrage clienti noi si ii poate fideliza pe cei vechi datorita reducerilor din Vinerea Neagra, a spus intr-un interviu pentru directorul general al companiei, Iulian Stanciu.” (sursa, o știre despre ediția din 2012)


Mai jos, sfaturi de-ale mele pe tema Black Friday 2014.

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De unde cumperi, pe Internet, la prețuri de Black Friday? (Hint – eMAG)

Prețurile la Black Friday au fost:

  • Prețul normal al produselor minus adaos comercial – majoritatea magazinelor – aproximativ 10-15% preț redus.
  • Prețul normal al produselor minus adaos comercial minus un alt preț, care a scăzut prețul încă și mai mult – eMAG, F64, alte magazine cu reduceri peste 20% la produse (nu tocmai multe).

Mesajul meu e pentru prima situație. 

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Two mistakes about the video camera & photo camera

I own these two:

The two mistakes I made while buying them?

  • I paid (around) 1,600 + 2,000 = 3,600 for the two and some extra 3-500 for extra stuff (cards, tripod). I would have been better off with a single device, which could do both movies & photos. I’m not sure how would that device look like, but this would be my bet on. So a photo + videos device would have proved better for me.
  • While in May 2012 (end of it) the price for my photo camera made it a best buy, right now I wouldn’t pick it. There are better alternatives than my camera right now (D3200, D5100, others yet).

There are degrees of mistakes, and I estimate I get 80% of what I could have gotten with other extra research. Still, it’s troubling me a bit.

Update: I thought about the above and … it doesn’t matter. At that specific time (5 months ago for the photo camera and 10 months ago for the video camera), the decision was top notch. Now it isn’t. Well, it’s rather irrelevant. I doesn’t matter that in 1997 I programmed in Pascal, rather than C++. For that time, it was a good choice.

Also, about photo lens – it still puzzles me why I would even bother to read about them. There is no free lunch, a starting good lens is worth, new, more or less, my current value of the camera body itself. It’s really pointless to think about something I don’t intend to use intensively.