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7 February 2018

The most powerful question to ask for self-development: “So, it’s his fault?” (via Nigel Risner)

More than 10 years ago, in October 18, 2007, at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Bucharest, HR Club organized a conference at which I’ve first seen Nigel Risner. His talk was about “How to Create IMPACT as an HR Partner”.

At some point, he asked for volunteers to a task which anyone should have volunteered to (be in front of people, be applauded). He picked the fastest person to raise his hand, and then asked a curious question to a participant – “Why didn’t you raise your hand?”. And the answer came “He was faster than me.”, to which Nigel Replied “So, it’s his fault?”

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TeCOMM îl aduce în România pe Tim Ash: “Marketerii online nu obțin rezultatele maxime din campanii pentru că se concentrează doar pe tehnologie”

Declarat de Forbes ca fiind în top 10 experți în marketing online, Tim Ash vine în premieră la TeCOMM București, evenimentul premium de comerț electronic care are loc pe 7-8 martie. Organizatorii anunță o ediție inedită a evenimentului care înglobează o comunitate de peste 3000 proprietari ai magazinelor online și profesioniști în eCommerce.   

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