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29 August 2017

How to make films with a smartphone camera? Some tips

Some tips on filming with a smartphone camera:

  • The light matters a lot, try to have the subject placed in a good light. You will get only poor results with a low light environment.
  • It’s important not to view very well on the camera, but to have a steady hand. For this purpose, it might be best to keep the camera at neck level. If you keep the hands mid-air, you will likely be tired easily and your hand will shake.
  • I would advise not using zoom, unless you have a tripod.
  • The best quality images are the ones which use sunlight.
  • If you are filming at a concert, you might annoy other people not with your hand in the air, as much as using the viewscreen. Try to turn it off.
Esther Vargas – Smartphones, https://flic.kr/p/cVnxM1

How Will You Measure Your Life? Clay Christensen at TEDxBoston

And so I wanted to just offer that one, is something to think about. The reason why successful companies fail, is they invest in things that provide the most immediate and tangible evidence of achievement. And the reason why they have such a short time horizon is that they are run by people like you and I. And we then apply that very same thinking process in our personal lives with sad results.

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IMWorld 2017 anunță primele soluții digitale: IoT, chatboți cu AI, softuri pentru IMM și tehnologii în premieră: “big brother”ul utilajelor de producție

Internet & Mobile World anunță primele soluții digitale ce vor fi prezentate în cadrul celei de-a 6-a ediții, care va avea loc în 4 și 5 octombrie, la Romexpo.

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