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12 May 2017

My life story (past, present day, future)

Past – When I was around 3, I moved from a place and a family where I felt free, and loved (Pîrjol), to another where there were rules, and love (I thought) was conditioned by following them (Năvodari). I detailed this here: My soul. I realized the things written in that article last summer (summer of 2016).

In a nutshell, I felt, then, that I am not loved in either of the places and if I want to be loved by my family in Năvodari I need to follow rules. I thought love was conditioned by good behavior.

I was wrong, I was loved in both places, though the expression of it wasn’t clear to me at that time.

And I’ve built, based on this, a whole set of emotions, and, actually, a life.

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Armată de roboței, Toyota Hybrid, trotinetă electrică și cel mai puternic laptop de gaming din lume, la Bucharest Technology Week

Bucuresti, 12 mai. Bucharest Technology Week anunță noi tehnologii ce pot fi testate în weekendul din 26-28 mai, în expoziția din Piața George Enescu, langă Ateneu.

Armata de roboței din care fac parte Idol Y10A, Uno și Sphero BB-8 îi va cuceri pe fanii tehnologiei care vizitează Quickmobile la festivalul tehnologiei. Tot la standul unuia dintre cei mai mari specialiști în smart tech din România, Quickmobile, vor putea fi testate cele mai performate drone din lume – DJI Phantom 4 si Power Egg,  accesorii de gaming precum Guitar Hero sau aparate de masaj inteligente și brațara Star Wars Force.

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