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4 February 2017

Extremes and averages

Whenever a party speaks of another party, most often they refer to exterme behaviors.

“Some religious persons do this very offending thing”.

“Some atheists do this very offending thing”.

“A few writers do this, which means that most writers do that”.

It’s very hard to get yourself out of the thinking that extreme behavior does not equal average.

We have it in our system – we look for the error, thinking that the average must follow the same rule. News flash – it doesn’t.

AfonsoMLG – Extreme, https://flic.kr/p/8BgEkb

Unde să construiești un magazin anti-competiție?

Dacă aș fi client, aș vrea să fie un magazin amplasat cât mai departe de un alt magazin. Aș prefera să am un magazin în nord, unul în sud, și tot așa.

Dacă aș fi vânzător, și aș ști că în centrul orașului e un magazin magnet, aș face magazinul fix în centru, și, mai mult, l-aș face chiar vizavi de acel magazin.

Dacă îmi fac magazinul în nord, practic cedez concurenței mele orice altă zonă decât zonele apropiate mie.

E o logică diferită, din perspective diferite.

liz west – Fun Run, https://flic.kr/p/ksMrF6

Cum faci site WordPress rapid? Cu Layers

Mai jos, o soluție de făcut site-uri de prezentare responsive pe WordPress relativ simplu. Costurile stau în teme și pluginuri dedicate, dar dacă vrei ceva simplu și, probabil, cu upgradeuri pe termen lung, mi se pare o idee OK să faci un site simplu de prezentare cu soluția aceasta.

“You are doing something which is wrong!” “No, it isn’t, I abide by Google’s best practices!” “Which version of Google are you referring to?”

At times, I meet this scenario. I go to a client of mine, and I tell him that he/she does something wrong. He looks, surprised, back at me, and he/she tells me that within the company Google’s rules are strictly followed, and this is common practice – there’s nothing wrong with this practice. I go on to explain that Google changes, it’s not the same, as time passes. Unfortunately, if you go to Google.com to search for things, you get various articles, with various dates. And what was valid in 2008 is not valid in 2014. And what was valid in 2012 in Romania is not valid in 2014 in Romania. Even some of my own articles are so out-dated that, even though they have a warning right at the top, they might still lead people into potentially dangerous measures. “You are doing something which is wrong!” “No, it isn’t, I abide by Google’s best practices!” “Which version of Google are you referring to?”

I have seen other examples, in which people have tried doing “SEO” based on old practices. Yes, at various times it was OK to do keyword stuffing, have a network of other sites linking to you, get links from web directories, and so on. But these things don’t apply to today’s Google.