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September 2016

Cum îți găsești de lucru în industria eCommerce din România? Hint:

Lavinia Biberi (fondator) și Ciprian Drăgoi (co-fondator) sunt oamenii din spatele site-ului: Joburi in ecommerce – ecomJobs.

Profilul site-ului: oamenii pasionați de ecommerce, în cautare de joburi.

Motivația? Piața românească de comerț online a crescut constant cu ~30%-35% de la un an la altul.


Cum îți dai seama dacă site-ul tău e penalizat de către Google?

Mai jos, află cum îți dai seama dacă ai penalizare pentru site-ul tău din partea Google.

În principiu, autentifici site-ul la Google Search Console (fostul Google Webmaster Tools) și vezi mesajele din secțiunea dedicată penalităților.

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Best solution for saving the planet

Consume less. Despite the fact that there are solutions for consuming less », the best solution is not consuming in the first place.

If you go to Rome, it’s best to be as Eco / Nature-Friendly as you can, by choosing the best travel option for the environment, and so on. But had you skipped the trip altogether, you probably would have been more Eco-friendly.

Mark Stevens - Mount Rundle and Vermillion Lakes (Black & White),
Mark Stevens – Mount Rundle and Vermillion Lakes (Black & White),

How to enter the sea, when it’s a bit cold, and you’re a bit hot from the Sun?

Imagine this: you go to the seaside, you’re a bit hot from the Sun, while the water is a bit cold. How to enter?

After some practice, I found out that the best solution for this is to first enter the water quickly, close to the shore, lower yourself into the water so that you are fully wet, and go outside. Stay in the sun & wind for a while, and you’ll feel very cold. Stay like this for a minute or two. Go back to the sea. Now you will not feel the sea as cold as before.
Frank Knaack,


How to take photos at an event? Some tips

A few tips on taking photos at an event:

  • Use the camera / smartphone from a high position. Try to raise your arms in the sky and photograph the audience like this.
  • The most important take – the one which shows the number of participants plus the speaker.
  • Another important shot is with zoom on the speaker, a close one.
  • I use ex-Google’s Picasa for editing the photos.
  • For promotional purposes, the most important task is tagging persons in the photos.
  • When you add description to an album, add the link to your web site, so people can get easily from the photo to your web site.
  • On Facebook, tag the location.
  • People want speed – do live photos and a quick follow-up. It’s not much help if you put the photos 3 weeks later from the event.
  • It’s fine to use live a wifi card, or photos from the smartphone.
Darren Johnson / iDJ Photography – Events,

Using Command Prompt’s “dir” command to display the contents of a folder

Let’s say you have a folder with files, and you want to save the full list of files in a text file.

The solution is to open Command Prompt (Win + R, cmd, enter), and type this:

dir /s /O:GNE >output.txt

This will result in the full contents of “Olivian Breda” folder being listed in the file “output.txt”, which is created if it doesn’t exist, and overwritten in case it already exists.

Do you want just the current folder, not the subfolders? Just remove “/s”.

dir /O:GNE >output.txt

Do you want the listing to be displayed on the screen, as opposed to in a file? Remove “>output.txt”.

dir /s /O:GNE