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July 2016

Negative sinking

I sometimes hear people complaining, and putting worse things in front. That’s great, it’s good to have negative thinking.

But sometimes people turn “negative thinking” into “negative sinking”.

Instead of finding a solution to a problem, instead of looking for practical steps to solve a problem, people tend to focus on the problem itself. “It can’t be done”. “There are no solutions”. “It’s hard”.

It’s good to think critical, to see the problem. It’s good to think critical when you have a solution, to make sure that you don’t have a wrong solution. But it’s not so good to think negatively and not even try to find a solution. It’s not good to be passive and not actively try & find a solution.

What to visit in Bucharest?


Some place to stay:
  • If you have lots of money – Hotel Marriott or Crowne Plaza. Neither are central.
  • If you want still very good, but highly central: Howard Johnson.
  • The best hotel in Bbucharest, and very central, you won’t regret: Athenee Palace Hilton.
  • If you have less money, I don’t personally know. I’ve been to all of the hotels above for conferences, for at lest 5 times in each of them, so I recommend them from personal visits. Others, I don’t know, just go to and you’ll find your way in there. If I were you, I’d consider having a look at the expensive ones above, you might like the experience, and the prices are not high at all.
What to do in Bucharest?

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How to answer to something when you are nervous?

There is a saying which goes like this “Don’t answer quickly when you are nervous, postpone the reply”.

The basic idea is to think for a while, and postpone the answer, if you can forget about the hatred and despise, and don’t apply anger.

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t want revenge.

If it troubles you a lot, the fact that you are sitting and thinking, instead of answering – you only make things worse.

You have to set yourself for forgiveness if you want to do this: “I will not reply now, but tomorrow”.

Freddie Peña – Nervous?,