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June 2016

Mac air

It’s good to use a Mac Air, compared with other laptops:

  • It’s a good Operating System (Mac OS), for those who know it.
  • The laptop is very light, small, tiny, thus – very portable.
  • It’s got a sleek design, and it’s a pleasure to carry around.

On the other hand, things can get wrong. I’ve seen people using Mac Airs a bit wrong:

  • Not good with Mac OS, and their friends who install software aren’t good with Mac OS, so at times they don’t know how to do something on Mac, and have no one to ask help. Sure, there are solutions, it’s just that it’s a bit more complicated.
  • The laptop is sometime used on a desk, all day. With the money you pay on a Mac Air you can easily buy a desktop PC with much bigger features & abilities.
  • The laptop can heat a lot, especially if you use it all day long. Thus, not such-a-big pleasure to carry it around.

Talk about comparing apples to apples. :)

Sistem audio

Când cumperi unele lucruri, ar fi bine să te gândești la durata efectivă de folosire.

Spre exemplu, mașina de spălat, frigiderul, aragazul sunt produse folosite foarte frecvent. Altele, mai puțin. 

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On Launching an Online Business in Romania or Internationally, in 2016

Loïc Lagarde - Paris Business District,
Loïc Lagarde – Paris Business District,

A general tip on how to do an online business in Romania? An offline business only partially related to online – this is the solution recommended by Călin Fusu. In his example, BestJobs (a site similar to sells jobs not only online, but uses its selling team to sell the business idea to off-line businesses. Zumzi (a Groupon-style business) does a lot of interactions off-line. He actually says that “‘nu concura niciodata cu jucatorii internationali pe segmente unde softul este esential’ – poti concura pe domenii unde vanzarile sint de baza (bestjobs/zumzi) sau unde contentul este de baza (trilulilu).” So, avoid facing having Facebook as a competition, but do create a business in which you can compete with either content or selling force. (from here »)

Examples: eMag and F64, both, have off-line and on-line businesses at the same time. PC Garage built an on-line & off-line community. GroupOn & Job web sites & Major Real Estate Portals have a strong focus on Sales, not just online. Other businesses go for local partnerships, small franchise businesses (Flori De Lux)

A hint in online businesses in Romania? Romanians prefer to trust people, rather than go for professionalism. Networking, previous experience with the brand, brand recognition, they all matter more than the quality of the product & service. On the long run, you need these, but the initial impact is much more on emotions than on the quality of service / product. Remember this when planning a new product / idea. It matters more to work on brand / image, at least in the sales /development part of the business, rather than on performance / quality. You can see this best in political advertising, Romanian slogans are aimed at “Trust”, while some ads I’ve seen in German political campaigns focused on “Professionalism”. Also, in the US market people value portfolio, in Romania it matters who knows you. I assume this will change as the Romanian market becomes more education and gains more experience, but this is, to me, the current sad truth.

If you want to do an International business, see how got good results ». It’s an inspiring business model, they solve a problem anyone has, in a simple & effective way, with good ratio between free and premium content, with a good incentive to go premium. A book on this, with lots of details & very inspiring »


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Dacă vreți să faceți un program de masterat în UK, inclusiv pe marketing online, luați în considerare …

Irene Chaparro - Time to study,
Irene Chaparro – Time to study,

Surse de finanțare pentru master în Marea Britanie? – EDMUNDO – A World of Education:

Dacă până de curând accesarea unui program de master în UK nu era foarte accesibilă, din cauza costurilor mari de școlarizare, acum acest aspect nu mai reprezintă un impediment pentru cei interesați să devină masteranzi în Anglia.

Guvernul Marii Britanii a aprobat cererea de a acorda împrumuturi pentru acoperirea acestei taxe, iar începând cu anul academic 2016/2017, absolvenții unui program de licență din Uniunea Europeană au acces la un împrumut guvernamental, în valoare de 10.000 de lire/an.

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Ce să faci când ești trist?

1. Ieși și te plimbă. Nu sta în casă, pe Internet. Mergi, vezi, fii uimit/uimită de ce vezi în jur.
2. Vede-te cu oameni. Socializează. Bagă-te în seamă. Vorbește cu toată lumea. Trage de oameni. Chiar și ceartă-te, orice e mai bine decât să stai cu tine.
3. Ajută oamenii. Dacă le faci bine altora și îi vezi, o să te simți tu însuți mai bine. Dacă ești trist, când ajuți pe cineva, o să te simți tu mai bine în pielea ta. O să te bucure să vezi pe cineva fericit.

Chiara Vitellozzi Fotografie | NuageDeNuit - _ Sad eye _ -
Chiara Vitellozzi Fotografie | NuageDeNuit – _ Sad eye _ –