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18 November 2015

How to learn communication and manipulation? The answer: “Thanks for letting your light shine”

One friend recently asked me how should he/she learn communication and manipulation. What are the best opportunities to learn this in Romania? She plans to change the world for the better.

My first answer to this will be spiritual: Nicolae Steinhardt, a writer I admire, says that people these days are hungry for two things: love and life meaning. (“De ce îi este omului de astăzi foame? De iubire și de sens.”)

My dear friend, wanting to change the world for the better with communication / manipulation aims for both two things – you want to give life a meaning, and you do so by loving others.

Hold to with this thought, now we’ll leave spirituality and go down, down below. There’s darkness, don’t worry, at the end things will be fine. Hold tight, it’s a bumpy ride.

I’ll answer this question rationally by avoiding the question so much that when I’ll finally answer your mind will be influenced by the other stories I will tell you.


Note: the image above was with me on an online forum for years, many years ago.

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