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8 September 2015

Despre blender – ar trebui să folosești așa ceva (pentru suc de fructe, sau mix de legume tocate mărunt)?

“Blending, however, does chop fiber into smaller pieces.  How this affects its activity in the body depends on what kind of fiber we’re talking about. An article Lee dug up for me in The Journal of Food Science  notes that grinding up wheat bran reduces its ability to hold water, which presumably decreases its effectiveness in promoting regularity. In fact, one study found that supplementing the diet with very finely ground wheat bran actually caused constipation!

Oat bran on the other hand soaks up more water when you reduce the particle size. There’s also some research suggesting that grinding up vegetable fiber into smaller pieces makes it more effective in reducing cholesterol.

So, I don’t know that we can say that blending “destroys” fiber. But we can certainly conclude that blending “changes” fiber in foods and how they affect the body. Based on my brief tour through the literature, I think I would avoid putting wheat bran in my smoothie.  Flax seed, on the other hand, is really only useful as a source of fiber if you grind it (or chew it up really well). Coarsely ground flax appears to be slightly more effective than finely ground flax…so don’t overdo it.


I’m afraid there’s no simple answer. Blending or juicing foods can make certain nutrients more absorbable.  It may decrease the effectiveness of some fibers but increase the effectiveness of others. Honestly, I think this falls into the (rather large) category of things that probably aren’t worth worrying about.”  (sursa afirmațiilor e discutabilă, dar aproape fiecare afirmație din articol e pe bază de studii; ai în articol multe surse »)

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