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19 August 2015

The freemium model in selling information

If you want to provide information for a premium, using online tools, I suggest you use a freemium model.
This means offering information:
  • For free, until you establish yourself as a a brand: Publish things so good / long / impressive, they can’t ignore you & you become a brand with that content.
  • Ask for money, once you are a brand: Now you can sell other things:
    • Consultancy.
    • Conferences.
    • Books.
The solution? Offer free until you become a brand & then charge for premium.
rennygleeson - One more for the portfolio. Extra..., https://flic.kr/p/ezc3vj
rennygleeson – One more for the portfolio. Extra…, https://flic.kr/p/ezc3vj