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31 December 2014

Small tip: at a restaurant, ask for coffee/tea specifically in a mug, not in a card cup

If you buy  coffee or tea at a restaurant, it might be a good idea to ask specifically for a mug. The experience should be better than drinking from a cardboard cup.

Via: Starbucks? Cere la cană! » nwradu blog

Chaval Brasil - Coffee and Milk, https://flic.kr/p/5D9N2GChaval Brasil - Coffee and Milk, https://flic.kr/p/5D9N2G
Chaval Brasil – Coffee and Milk, https://flic.kr/p/5D9N2G

Some things learned from PC games

These days, I spent some time playing games (chess and Heroes of Might and Magic, 2 and 3, complete version) and watching some videos. (Bogdan Sverediuk – YouTube & Chris67132 – YouTube)

Some thoughts?

  • Travel is good for you – in Heroes of Might and Magic games, the player is rewarded for travelling. Good things come for those who travel – resources, map explored, things spotted. Sure, there are risks – you can be in the North, and the computer might attack from the South. It’s not black & white. But, overall, it’s much better to travel & move than it is to stay in your safe area. You risk, and, most of the times, you win.
  • It all starts from a small area – you don’t need to own a big kingdom from the beginning. If you control a small area, then you expand gradually, then you can control large areas.
  • Why focusing on the time pressure is pointless? I see this in chess blitz games (3 minutes per player). Some players focus on the time, and lose on gameplay. Also, stressing and obsessing on “you have 30 more seconds” seriously hinders your performance. Yes, you win the game on time, but you lost on gameplay. I prefer to quickly move, and win 50% of the games on time, but lose no game on gameplay.
  • Shortcuts are part of the game. In H3, there are lots of magic tricks. The best players not only know those tricks, but know them extremely well. They win games by knowing some obscure trick and using it extensively against the computer.
  • Heroes of Might & Magic III – HD Edition will be available on 2015/01/29 on Android tablets, Ipad and PC! Uuu. :)