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14 August 2014

News. Old news

Nicolas Alejandro - today's news, https://flic.kr/p/nJ29pU
Nicolas Alejandro – today’s news, https://flic.kr/p/nJ29pU


I did once a web site audit for a major newspaper in Romania. I told them Google had some trouble accessing very old news on their web site (for 2005, for example). They had a calendar, similar to their current one:


, and I told them Google might have some problems going through the dropdown, selecting 2006, and then going through the dropdown again, selecting, say, March, then picking a day, and then, for that day, going to page 4. The number of clicks necessary to go to page 3 of news from March 19, 2006, was the following: Home => Archive => 2006 => March => 19 => Page 3 => News. It’s just huge. Also, the Google bots generally don’t click on dropdowns, they don’t select from a dropdown.

Nowadays, they have a clickable way of displaying the archive:


, which, although is not a huge improvement, is, still, an improvement (Google can follow a clickable link much easier).

The topic of the current article is to show how various news sources in Romania treat old news.

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How to visit a new country like a PRO?

I see people saying things like:

  • I’ve visited 100 countries, most of them for less than 2 days! (my reaction – facepalm)
  • Next month I’ll go and visit 8 countries in Asia! (my reaction – facepalm)
  • There’s this low-cost airline company who just created a new route to Paris! (facepalm)
  • Last year, I saw both the statue of Christ the Redeemer and the Eiffel Tower. (facepalm)
  • I’ll go with some friends to the seaside! We’ll sunbathe in the day and spend the nights in a tent. (half-face-palm)
  • I’ll go with some friends to the mountains! It’s useful for health and bonding. (half-face-palm)

Some thoughts about these?

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