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22 July 2014

Gala Galaction

Wikipedia says:

  • “Gala Galaction (IPA: /’ga.la ga.lak.ti’on/; the pen name of Grigore or Grigorie Pișculescu; April 16, 1879—March 8, 1961) was a Romanian Orthodox clergyman and theologian, writer, journalist, left-wing activist, as well as a political figure of the People’s Republic of Romania. Contrary to the spirit of the time, he was a promoter of tolerance towards the Jewish minority.” (more – Gala Galaction – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

I say:

  • Gala Galaction was critical to my formation as an Orthodox, and, although since although since around 1999 until just today I regretted his influence on me, now I am (very much) at peace with this.

The article below is both about Gala Galaction and about me. How he didn’t change, and how I did.


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