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30 June 2014


Yesterday, in the metro, for a short while, some girls were staring at me and giggling. Perhaps it’s because I look like a modern soldier with all my photo / video equipment on me:


Or perhaps due to my belly, which has some proportions right now. Anyhow, they were giggling.

My first reaction was defensive – I felt bad for myself, I was angry at them. What could have I done better?

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Follow-up: Povești cu actorii de ieri și de azi, cu Valentin Teodosiu, Bedros Horasangian și Gheorghe Florescu (2014.06.29, Diverta Băneasa)

Duminică 29 iunie, la ora 17 a avut loc la cafeneaua Delicatese Florescu din Diverta Băneasa Shopping City (etajul 1), o întâlnire cu Valentin Teodosiu, Bedros Horasangian și Gheorghe Florescu.


Mai jos, fotografii și secvențe video de la eveniment.

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