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29 June 2014

Thoughts on seredipity-investing

Rand Fishkin from Moz suggests, in a video, invest in non-measurable, serendipitous marketing. I’ve done this quite a lot in the past years.

The trouble is I’ve done more than the suggested 20% of my time on this, and now I face a situation in which I have hobbies which account for more time than my actual work. Not so good.

From Nicolae Steinhardt’s point-of-view, this might be not as bad (see Saint Anton of Padua quote), but, still, it’s not so good, either.

So, less hobbies, more work.

Viva Las Vegas in Blue

Review: "Confesiunile unui cafegiu", de Gheorghe Florescu (ed. Humanitas) – una din cele mai frumose cărți pe care le-am citit!

Am citit recent cartea d-lui Gheorghe Florescu – Confesiunile unui cafegiu. D-l Florescu este deținătorul rețelei de cafenele Delicatese Florescu (cea mai cunoscută e cea din zona Pieței Rosetti, dar mai sunt și altele). Este una din cele mai frumoase lecturi recente.


Aici câteva pagini din carte:

Mai jos, impresii detaliate, ale mele și ale altora.

NOTĂ: dacă citiți cele de mai jos, riscați să vă stricați plăcerea descoperirii inițiale. Sunt mai multe impresii, mai jos, care vă pot strica plăcerea lecturii. Puteți reține că e o carte bună și să o căutați spre achiziție, fără să mai citiți ce am scris mai departe.

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(Half-) Intelligent decisions

I was very young when this happened: I was with a friend (her name was Mihaela), she was much older than me. At one point, we saw a big group of people. We went a few steps in that direction, to see what was going on. At some point, Mihaela covered my eyes, so I would not see. I think I heard some screaming. I did not understand much, perhaps someone committed suicide, or something of this sort happened. I was unsure, we went from there, I think listened to her command not to look. A lot of time I thought about this scene, wondering what has happened.

Did Mihaela do good?



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