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29 June 2014

Thoughts on seredipity-investing

Rand Fishkin from Moz suggests, in a video, invest in non-measurable, serendipitous marketing. I’ve done this quite a lot in the past years.

The trouble is I’ve done more than the suggested 20% of my time on this, and now I face a situation in which I have hobbies which account for more time than my actual work. Not so good.

From Nicolae Steinhardt’s point-of-view, this might be not as bad (see Saint Anton of Padua quote), but, still, it’s not so good, either.

So, less hobbies, more work.

Viva Las Vegas in BlueViva Las Vegas in Blue

Review: "Confesiunile unui cafegiu", de Gheorghe Florescu (ed. Humanitas) – una din cele mai frumose cărți pe care le-am citit!

Am citit recent cartea d-lui Gheorghe Florescu – Confesiunile unui cafegiu. D-l Florescu este deținătorul rețelei de cafenele Delicatese Florescu (cea mai cunoscută e cea din zona Pieței Rosetti, dar mai sunt și altele). Este una din cele mai frumoase lecturi recente.


Aici câteva pagini din carte:

Mai jos, impresii detaliate, ale mele și ale altora.

NOTĂ: dacă citiți cele de mai jos, riscați să vă stricați plăcerea descoperirii inițiale. Sunt mai multe impresii, mai jos, care vă pot strica plăcerea lecturii. Puteți reține că e o carte bună și să o căutați spre achiziție, fără să mai citiți ce am scris mai departe.

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(Half-) Intelligent decisions

I was very young when this happened: I was with a friend (her name was Mihaela), she was much older than me. At one point, we saw a big group of people. We went a few steps in that direction, to see what was going on. At some point, Mihaela covered my eyes, so I would not see. I think I heard some screaming. I did not understand much, perhaps someone committed suicide, or something of this sort happened. I was unsure, we went from there, I think listened to her command not to look. A lot of time I thought about this scene, wondering what has happened.

Did Mihaela do good?



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