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25 June 2014

Cum te abonezi la un grup Yahoo! (de tip nou) cu o adresa de email non-yahoo!, de tipul ionel@ionelpopescu.org sau similară ?


Dacă vreți să vă abonați la un grup de Yahoo! (exemplu: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/imro/info – Internet marketing România – Yahoo Groups), urmăriți tutorialul video:

Am mai scris un articol anterior pe tema asta:


When you buy a product, should you buy it after only seeing it online, or should you go to a store to view it, and only then buy it?

Let’s say you want to buy something. You can’t decide whether it suffice to buy the product online, or you should see the actual product in store, test it for a while. I talk in this article on tips on how to buy a computer case, a mouse, a keyboard, a CPU, a case fan, a backpack for a photo camera, some electronic cords, some headsets, a flat TV and a computer monitor. I also give basic criteria on what to look for on any of these products. I use, for my research and example, only amazon.com. I also give links to some reviews I made during the past years for some products I mention in this article. The article has both a video and a text version, they tend to complement each other well.

Let’s proceed then.


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