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23 June 2014

Tripod Fancier WF-717A + WF-717AH fluid video head

Take this product:

which looks, while doing his job, like this:

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Zoom H4N Handy Portable Digital Recorder

Let’s take this product:

which looks like this, after about one year of hands-on experience:

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Canon Legria HF G30 / Canon Vixia HF G30

Take this product:

, which looks like this:


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Life’s solution

Sacrifice & pain. That’s the only solution. It needs to be hard to work.

It would be best if, prior to reading the current article, you would read Despre ură. Pe plan personal (eu urăsc) și global (societatea te îndeamnă la ură) – cel mai bun articol pe care l-am scris vreodată și de ce acest lucru e irelevant » Oliii.com – by Olivian Breda.

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How to buy a product online with a quick research only?

I talk in this video about how to buy a product (the solution being to have a quick look on the biggest sellers online, and get quick product information from there).

I previously wrote on the subject in Romanian: Cum găsești rapid ce produs să cumperi, din mai multe opțiuni?: Olivian Breda.

Links I mention in the video: