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June 2014

Review: "Confesiunile unui cafegiu", de Gheorghe Florescu (ed. Humanitas) – una din cele mai frumose cărți pe care le-am citit!

Am citit recent cartea d-lui Gheorghe Florescu – Confesiunile unui cafegiu. D-l Florescu este deținătorul rețelei de cafenele Delicatese Florescu (cea mai cunoscută e cea din zona Pieței Rosetti, dar mai sunt și altele). Este una din cele mai frumoase lecturi recente.


Aici câteva pagini din carte:

Mai jos, impresii detaliate, ale mele și ale altora.

NOTĂ: dacă citiți cele de mai jos, riscați să vă stricați plăcerea descoperirii inițiale. Sunt mai multe impresii, mai jos, care vă pot strica plăcerea lecturii. Puteți reține că e o carte bună și să o căutați spre achiziție, fără să mai citiți ce am scris mai departe.

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When you buy a product, should you buy it after only seeing it online, or should you go to a store to view it, and only then buy it?

Let’s say you want to buy something. You can’t decide whether it suffice to buy the product online, or you should see the actual product in store, test it for a while. I talk in this article on tips on how to buy a computer case, a mouse, a keyboard, a CPU, a case fan, a backpack for a photo camera, some electronic cords, some headsets, a flat TV and a computer monitor. I also give basic criteria on what to look for on any of these products. I use, for my research and example, only I also give links to some reviews I made during the past years for some products I mention in this article. The article has both a video and a text version, they tend to complement each other well.

Let’s proceed then.


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How to translate an event in English into Romanian?

Let’s say you’re an event organizer. Your conference is in English, but half of the participants know English (and Romanian), and the other half know only Romanian. How to translate?

  • The first thing to think about is reducing your audience. I had a teacher of Economics in school who said that if you pay someone a good wage, you get a risk – he might be a good or bad employee. Pay that person a poor wage, and you get a guarantee – that’s surely a poor employee, since no qualified person will stay and work for you for a poor salary. It’s the same logic with this audience – don’t translate the event, and some people who don’t know English, might leave, annoyed. But do translate simultaneously into Romanian and you get a certain fact – lots of people will be annoyed by the long waits – the speaker says something, the translator translates this into Romanian, the speaker says something else, the translator translates and so on. See this videoor this one. Yes, most Romanians don’t know Greek, but, still, it’s a very poor choice to translate sentence by sentence. The first thing to do is consider not offering any translation at all. It is annoying for both the speaker (you tend to forget what you are saying, and it’s much more difficult to focus in those conditions) and the audience.
  • Another option is having a screen, and writing the translation. You could use two translators at the same time – one translates a sentence, the other one another sentence. Or translate just partially what the speaker says. This is much more efficient and pleasant than the first solution.
  • Another option is to somehow split the audience into English-speaking one and Romanian speaking one (two separate rooms, for example; or some in front, with English, and some in the back, with Romanian. And for the Romanian audience do simultaneous translation (no breaks).
  • If it’s possible, you could have the text of the conference in English and Romanian given to the audience, so it’s easier to follow. (via)
  • Of course, there is the option of having headsets, and this is actually the best option for translation, but the logistics and costs are much more complicated.

In my opinion, translating simultaneously does so much evil to the event, that it’s the worst option to consider.


Follow-up: lansare de carte și lectură publică Grigore T. Popa – “Jurnalul unui savant român în America” (2014.06.20, La Vulturi)

Vineri, 20 iunie, începând cu ora 19:00, cafeneaua culturală „La Vulturi” și Editura Filos au organizat o seară de carte, pe Vulturilor nr. 8: lansare de carte și lectură publică Grigore T. Popa – „Jurnalul unui savant român în America”.

„Riscați și jertfiți, căci viața calcă pe riscuri și progresul se întemeiază pe jertfe.” (Grigore T. Popa)

A prezentat și a citit din volum Dr. Richard Constantinescu – editor, inițiator și coordonator al seriei de autor „Grigore T. Popa”.

Mai jos, înregistrarea video + audio a evenimentului și fotografii.


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