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29 May 2014

How to to do web site improvements?

Chris Goward, President and CEO WiderFunnel held a speech at GPeC Summit, May 2014.

One of his slides was:
GPeC Summit 2014, Ziua 1 253-mic

The idea behind this is very simple:

Instead of doing a single web site redesign, which will, most likely, make marketers actually unhappy with the end result, which will also likely decrease conversions, despite the big cost of the project, you should much rather do incremental updates. Instead of a full redesign, pick a small item, test it, measure it, take a decision. Repeat this undefined. CRO should be permanent, not once a few years. Most web sites do it like this these days.

Quite an idea! And a photo at the conference:
GPeC Summit 2014, Ziua 1 328-mic

Small tip: use your photo in your email signature

Photographs increases conversion rate:

They also create more trust, by making you real:

Can you use them in e-mail, though?

GPeC Summit 2014, Ziua 3 000-mic

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