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2 January 2014

Duplicate content from a products feed list (e.g. – affiliate RSS products links) – how to handle it?

  • Let’ say you have an e-commerce web site and you have a products feed from a distributor of your products. Is it OK to list the feed from the products provider, exactly as you are being provided with it?
  • Or let’s say you have a big web site and you distribute your products to other web sites (price comparing web sites, affiliate clients). Is it OK to just take the title & description & photo of your products and give it away freely to others?
  • Or let’ say you start an e-commerce web site with thousands of products. Is it OK to just copy & paste the product description from other web sites?

See the answers to these questions below.

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La mulți ani, speranță, viitor. Dar cum răspunzi la temeri?

Motto: “Apără-mă de găini mamă, că de câini nu mi-e teamă.”

La mulți ani pe 2014!!! Să avem un an bun, cu toții!

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