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Sfaturi pentru managementul reputatiei online (video)

Găsiți în clipul de mai jos câteva sfaturi pentru managementul reputatiei online.

(apărut inițial pe

Follow-up: Lucian Croitoru – “The Macro-Economic Perspectives on 2014” (2014.01.29, ING Bank)

cover-!The Macro-Economic Perspectives on 2014, by Lucian Croitoru 057cover-!The Macro-Economic Perspectives on 2014, by Lucian Croitoru 057

NRCC_logoNRCC_logoThe Macro-Economic Perspectives on 2014 (Wednesday, 29 January, from 8:30am to 10:45am, at ING Bank, 48 Iancu de Hunedoara Blvd., Hutuleac room, first floor.) was presented this year by:

  • Lucian Croitoru, Adviser to the Governor of the Romanian National Bank and
  • Huub Drabbe, Economic and Commercial Counselor at The Netherlands Embassy in Bucharest.

It was organized by: Netherlands-Romanian Chamber of Commerce.

Below, photos from the event.

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Intrare liberă la Muzeul Național de Artă al României în fiecare lună (prima miercuri din lună)

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Why take part in the same training/workshop again and again?

I’ve been going to Jim Bagnola‘s trainings/workshops for years. I’ve taken part to Intensive NLP by MindMaster (a 5 day training course) two times already, and I plan in taking it again. At times, things repeat themselves. You hear the same things. There’s only so much a person can tell you. Why do I do this?

  • Deeper knowledge. I get to know things better. Re-participating, like re-reading, like re-watching a movie helps reinforce things. I get to know things better. For example, some say in order to be know better a specific subject, you need an advanced course on the subject. Perhaps. But how about retaking the class, in order to better understand and structure what you already know? I have a not-so-great memory, retaking a class helps me better understand things.
  • I’m different. New insights. It’s the same message, I’m different than I was two years ago. I forgot some things, I got new ideas. Things connect differently.
  • The trainings are different. The trainers don’t speak exactly the same way. Yes, the message is pretty much the same, but not identical. You get to see some new faces of the samge message.
  • You become closer to being a researcher. There’s a difference between reading a motto and reading a page. Between reading a page and reading a book. Between reading a book and the whole opera of a person. And between this and researching a subject deeper. There’s one thing to watch a movie and to watch a TV series. There’s a feeling you get by reading a magazine and by being a subscriber. People try to fake it (“Oh, I’ll read summaries” / “Oh, I’ll just watch an episode”). It’s not a thing and it’s pretty much not useful to just copy what you think are the important things. It’s not that simple.


Follow-up: Radu Atanasiu: Critical Thinking – Using and Abusing Arguments in Today’s Communication – Master Class (2014.01.24, MSM Romania)

The Master Class – “Critical Thinking – Using and Abusing Arguments in Today’s Communication “, facilitated by Radu Atanasiu, MsMR Adjunct Lecturer and CEU Business School MBA, took place on Friday, the 24th of January, 2014, at MsMR headquarters and was co-organized by Maastricht School of Management Romania and Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce. The event was open to the public.

!Critical Thinking, Master Class with Radu Atanasiu 031-cover!Critical Thinking, Master Class with Radu Atanasiu 031-cover

Flyer Radu Atanasiu Critical ThinkingFlyer Radu Atanasiu Critical Thinking

Below, photos from the event.

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Why watch a poor quality movie?

Two movies:

Why watch a poor movie?

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Follow-up: Dr. Vitalie Văratec – conferința “Calvarul prizonierilor de război români pe frontul de Est” (INST, 2014.01.22)

Centrul de Studii Ruse și Sovietice “Florin Constantiniu” (INST) a organizat în 22 ianuarie 2014, conferința cu tema “Calvarul prizonierilor de război români pe frontul de Est”, susținută de dr. Vitalie Văratec, la Institutul Național pentru Studiul Totalitarismului (INST).

Fotografii + înregistrarea video de la conferința Centrului de Studii Ruse și Sovietice “Florin Constantiniu” (INST, 2014.01.22), mai jos.


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Sfaturi pentru prezentări (de Olivian Breda)

Mai jos, sfaturi pentru prezentări.

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I don’t have enough trust in myself

There are two options:

  • Trust yourself and act accordingly.
  • Don’t trust yourself so much, and take the consequences.

The thing is, as with many simple things, the decision is not so simple. I don’t think there’s a definite answer on this one. There might be situations in which having a poor self-trust will turn out well. In other situations, things differ.

I see things go wrong due to too much self-trust. I think it’s more productive in some cases to have self-trust. In others, not.

Examples of poor self-trust:

  • You write an article. You value others’ opinions much. Whenever you say something on your own, you need to emphasize “This is my opinion. The personal one”.
  • Someone wants to help you. You don’t think you deserve it. You say no.
  • Someone wants to help you. You don’t think you have the right to say no. You say yes.

Good self-trust:

  • You take decisions on your own, without asking for everybody’s permission.
  • You don’t speak of yourself, you speak of a group, even if not everyone is 100% pleased with this.
  • You initiate things and see them through.


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