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28 December 2013

Heaven in cartoons

There is a monastery in Romania (I’m not sure about the name, I think Voroneț) in which there is a painting of the Last Judgement. The thing is, the hell is close to being empty, which reflects a belief of the Romanian people that God is going to let pretty much everyone to get to heavens.

I just had a conversation with a cousin of mine. I was telling him that I like to watch cartoons, because there’s almost always a morale, you learn something from a cartoon, you gain knowledge. Also, the learning is direct, very clear, no complicated things to guess and interpret. To me, in cartoons, there is a clear delimitation between good and evil.

He told me, though, that he sees things differently – at a very shallow level, yes, good is good and evil is evil in cartoons. But, in reality, the “bad” characters are not so bad. Who is evil, the guy who tries to get Bugs Bunny, and fails, and is, at times, hurt by this, or Bugs Bunny, who has superior intelligence and makes fun of the poor hunter? It’s not clear, he claims, in cartoons, which is the good and which is the bad character.

To me, this image is heaven- like: everyone in the picture is already in heaven, and all they do is have some innocent fun. Jerry never gets to die, he just gets to have lots of fun with Tom. Tweety the canary is never going to be eaten, and, even though he teases Sylvester, at a level you know everything is going to be fine.

In cartoons, thing bounce, you can fly in air, you can get serious burns which heal immediately.

You’re, pretty much in heaven, and you decide you can still have some fun in there. There’s no actual catch.

Memories (on paper)

I was going through some memories in school, and I thought of the following – what’s the ratio between costs & benefits of doing:

  • A group photo at the beginning / end of the school year / work year, given directly at the opening / end of that year.
  • A photo with the participants at an event, be it low profile (a meeting in town with friends), or high profile (school banquet, Christmas party, New Year party, birthday, wedding, baptism).

To me, the cost & effort is rather low, but the benefits are large.

Also, it’s important that the memory is physical (on paper, in my hands). Sure, digital is fine, also, but physical is much better.

There are options.


Why should you monitor your actions online?


I do this:

  • RescueTime monitors pretty much every action I take, and while the data is locked in there (you need a premium account to see your own data in full details), I am confident I can/will take it out sometime in the future.
  • Last FM records every song I listen to on my profile.
  • I have a keylogger which saves every keystroke.
  • I have a clipboard utility which automatically saves the clipboard into a log file.

Why is this helpful?

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