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20 December 2013

How to pick a short, quality domain name which doesn’t exist already?

logoIn the last years, I have bought getseoideas.com, fiieficient.com, getaresultnow.com, olivian.ro & olivianbreda.com. This year betterish.comaudithink.comoliii.com. While they’re not the greatest web site one could have, they’re, as “betterish” implies, OKish and, at times, betterish than other options.

How to create your own?

  • Find a keyword which clearly defines your web site – SEO / efficiency / results / Olivian / Olivian / better / audits / Oli.
  • Try to find an exact match domain. Olivian.ro is an example.
  • Try to adapt the words using either of these methods:
    • Add some letters – Oliii.com. For this, wordoid.com is an excellent tool.
    • Add full name – OlivianBreda.com.
    • Create complex sentences (I don’t recommend this method anymore, the first three web sites are closed, I don’t consider they represent my current ideas anymore -getseoideas.com, fiieficient.com, getaresultnow.com).
    • Play with words – betterish / audithink (again, wordoid.com).

Everyone would want o.ro or o.com, or something like that (very short). Even just SEO.com or results.com would be better. Since you can’t have this, try the next bext thing.

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How to buy a cheap .com domain name for two years?

namecheapThere are online promotions which help buy a .com domain for 1-3$ USD, instead of 10-14 USD, which is the regular price.

How to have this price for two years in a row?

The trick is to combine:

Combining these two should give you a .com domain for around 2-6 USD for two years.

The offer is far greater than any regular individual offer you might get. (as I know of)

If you care for quality, pick NameCheap (as suggested by Lifehacker.com readers).

P.S.: I recently bought betterish.com, audithink.com, oliii.com by this method and last year I’ve bought “transfer to namecheap.com” domains.

P.S. #2: Last evening I went to buy oliii.com from GoDaddy.com for 2 USD. Previous to this, I had bought audthink.com. The thing is, you could typically only could have bought a single domain for 2 USD (one per client). But if you made your shopping cart without being logged in, applied the discount, when you logged in with your address & card data, the basket still remained at 2 USD. I did 2 or 3 tries like that. Then I came to buy the domain. Surprise! It costed 4,000 USD. Four thousand. I looked on the Internet and I found Network Solution were selling domains for 1 USD. I bought the domain for 1 USD, instead of the requested 4,000 of GoDaddy. Anyhow, bad practice (changing it quickly). Very bad.