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23 November 2013

Creating a text for a friend vs. creating a text for the Internet

In a recent workshop/training in Turkey, I found out a simple difference, which has major implications:

  • When you write for the regular Internet audience, you should consider your audience – in a hurry, wanting fast results, eager to get to the point. Small sentences, active verbs, no gerund, no passive voice, no metaphors, plain speech, short texts.
  • When you write for a friend, when you write a letter, you should also consider your audience – you can write longer texts, your verbs can also be in a passive tense, you can have non-active verbs, you may use the gerund, metaphors are allowed, so are fancy words and long texts.

In a nutshell:

  • The Internet is for speed.
  • The friendship is for long, warm texts.


How do I view phone calls?

In my opinion, they should not be task based. If you can give a task, give it in a written form. If there are details you need to specify which cannot be provided in a written form, or if you require feed-back, do call. But most task-based phone calls should rather be emails.


What have I learned by taking 100,000 photos?

I will soon reach the figure of 100,000 photos made by me. Some conclusions?

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When good is not-so-good

The trouble with being trapped in a system of any kind is that things become relative.

You learn in school, and do well, and have a good career, and have a good social network. All is great, except for one tiny little thing – you have an arrogance, you look up on people. And while your life is perfect in every aspect, you lack the essential thing which makes us humans – humility, at times, and acceptance of the other.

You are a religious person, you go to church, you adhere to rules & a system. And things are fine, until you miss an one & only thing – when you focus on what is good & bad, you take only the final deed. You ignore the emotions behind it, you ignore your happiness, you ignore your open heart. And, after a while, you start making rookie mistakes in a system which should help you prevent those mistakes. Example – you help the poor, you do good deeds. But you feel you are wasting your money, and deny help to other people, which, in a normal, non-religious, situation, you would have helped. Or you are angry with people because, even if you helped others, you don’t feel good inside. Or you deny help to others, in different situations, because you feel you already belong to heavens. Or you justify a wrong deed in the name of a religion.

There is a certain arrogance in doing things good. Sure, avoid the bad, and have the faith in yourself to do good. But do admit that there is an arrogance in doing a good thing.

“I am a better person than you are” – I don’t like this at all.

The problems arrive when your systems overcome the decisions. When you allow something external to control your life. Sure, you may lie to yourself that this is, indeed, you. In any case, the good is not-so-good anymore.



Politics is good. It has results, it moves people.

More than this, to some degree, pretty much everyone who uses any kind of emotions to convey a message does some politics.

Yet, I tend to dislike people who do politics. Let me explain on that.

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Ce tabletă să cumperi?

tablettabletAm trecut anterior prin procesul alegerii un tablete – Despre alegerea unei tablete – Apple iPad, generația a 4a, 4G, 16 GB: Olivian Breda.

Ce s-a schimbat?

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Jobs (2013) – quite a poor movie

Ten years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope, and Johnny Cash. Now we have no jobs, no hope, and no cash.

I’ve just seen Jobs (2013).

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