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23 November 2013

Creating a text for a friend vs. creating a text for the Internet

In a recent workshop/training in Turkey, I found out a simple difference, which has major implications:

  • When you write for the regular Internet audience, you should consider your audience – in a hurry, wanting fast results, eager to get to the point. Small sentences, active verbs, no gerund, no passive voice, no metaphors, plain speech, short texts.
  • When you write for a friend, when you write a letter, you should also consider your audience – you can write longer texts, your verbs can also be in a passive tense, you can have non-active verbs, you may use the gerund, metaphors are allowed, so are fancy words and long texts.

In a nutshell:

  • The Internet is for speed.
  • The friendship is for long, warm texts.


How do I view phone calls?

In my opinion, they should not be task based. If you can give a task, give it in a written form. If there are details you need to specify which cannot be provided in a written form, or if you require feed-back, do call. But most task-based phone calls should rather be emails.


What have I learned by taking 100,000 photos?

I will soon reach the figure of 100,000 photos made by me. Some conclusions?

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Ce tabletă să cumperi?

tabletAm trecut anterior prin procesul alegerii un tablete – Despre alegerea unei tablete – Apple iPad, generația a 4a, 4G, 16 GB: Olivian Breda.

Ce s-a schimbat?

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