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19 November 2013

Follow-up: Eveniment lansare Biblioteca Digitala Vodafone (Colegiul Național Gheorghe Lazăr, 2013.11.19)

Biblioteca Digitala Vodafone – La evenimentul de lansare ce a avut loc în data de 2013.11.19, la Colegiul Național Gheorghe Lazăr din capitala, a participat scriitorul Mircea Cărtărescu, alaturi de prof.dr. Nicolae Scurtu, reprezentanți ai Vodafone Romania, BookLand și liceeni.

Mai jos, foto + video + comunicat de presă eveniment.


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Solving things smoothly in movies

I like Crash (2004) for this reason: things go smoothly in the movie. Things evolve easily and naturally. You expect certain things to happen. You find it naturally that X situation develops into Y. There are no sudden changes of plans.

In lots of other movies, when situations change, they do so suddenly. It’s an abrupt change which occurs, the situation is upside down, things are solve with a harsh. Not in Crash.