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4 November 2013

What to write on the blog? 70 tips

  • “The best way to get over writer’s block is to write. Sit and type something. Even if it doesn’t make any sense. Even if you are just transcribing the lyrics to a song. Just type. And eventually, the words will come.”
  • “You can write a post for just one person, and still find that a lot of people want to read it.”
  • “When you have a good idea far from your computer, write yourself a note. My home is littered with scraps of paper that Rand and I have scribbled on. We’ve learned to check with one another before throwing them away. “Is this important?” “Yes. That’s the start of the next great American novel.” “… on the back of a Safeway receipt?” “Yeah.”-“
  • “At some point, you’ll spend hours looking for something online. A guide, a piece of information, some help about some topic that’s pressing on you. And if you don’t find it, you need to sit down and write the post yourself.”
  • “Bad is better than boring.”
  • “Done and mediocre is better than unfinished and brilliant.”
  • “This is a leftover tip from journalism school, and I still love it: if the first paragraph of a post is holding you back, then start with the second paragraph. Then you can either write your lead paragraph later, or realize that the second paragraph is a perfectly okay place to start.”
  • “Stop trying to be deep. Stop trying to elicit an emotional response from your readers. It will feel heavy-handed or manipulative. Just tell your story – often times, that’s enough.”

The whole list – 70 Things I’ve Learned From Writing 1000 Blog Posts. | The Everywhereist. (via)


Why am I irritated?

Two states:

  • Happy in non-intese way, joyful, pleased with the world, not caring, zen-like. Not productive.
  • One of the two:
    • Extremely happy about everything, motivated by extreme happiness, laughter, positive states. Productive. I argue that this is a very hard to keep state, and instead people go to…
    • Upset, annoyed, unhappy, non-pleased, motivated by stress, irritated. Productive. I argue it’s the place where most things in life lead you to. I am in this state.

I discussed about these two states (zen, and either extremely happy or extremely irritated) in what I consider to be the best article I’ve written (it’s in Romanian).

I am upset. Why is that?

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The truth. 100%. Neaaaah. No fun!

Consider these:

  • “Our cars have a market share of 32.3% worldwide. We receive 89.5% of times a very positive feedback, 5.2% of times a positive feed-back and only 5.3% a feed-back which is either neutral or negative. Our clients return to us and buy a second car from us 54% of the time.” versus
  • “We have the best cars in the world. Everybody talks nice about us. Our clients are so happy!”

Which is better?

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