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3 November 2013

Recomandare loc de unde să cumpărați lucruri “orientale”: magazinul Orient Bazar, din Piața Obor, București

În zona Pieței Obor, într-o hală (vezi poze) se află un magazin cu produse orientale.

Vedeți în poze mai jos dacă vi se pare că e pe gustul vostru. Mie mi-a plăcut.

Pagina oficială de Facebook: Orient Bazar.

Site web:Orient Bazar.

Contactați-i direct pentru detalii. :)

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Planes (2013)

Planes (2013) – IMDb – the problem with this movie is that they kept exaggerating. You can’t go from first to last, then again last, then again first (everybody else just seems to keep their positions, the real fight is only for the first place). You can’t take a few training lesson from an ex-military and all of a sudden be much better than anybody else who flies in the competition. You can’t have a problem with heights the whole movie, and then you just stop having this. You can’t lose your place in the formation in the previous-to-last step in the race and then continue the race in the last stage as if nothing happened. You can’t have a stalled engine, and via the mere power of high altitude currents be better than the top performer. You can’t beat your system so easily (a plane built for agriculture be better than another one built for races), with no reasoning for this. You can’t get to be the second to finish the race, milliseconds behind the winner, and everyone to boo you.

These are questions you can’t answer just like that – “well, it’s not anymore”. You can beat your condition, but it shouldn’t be at a blink of an eye. You need more than this.

Things are soooooo much exaggerated.

Follow-up: Fleet Optimization Conference (2013.10.30, Crowne Plaza Hotel)

Fleet Management Conference (30 octombrie 2013, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bucuresti) a prezentat cele mai bune solutii de optimizare a managementului flotei de vehicule, in ceea ce priveste amenintarile si oportunitatile cu care se confrunta companiile din Romania.Evenimentul a reunit importanti manageri ai flotelor auto, detinatori de parcuri auto, dar si multi alti specialiasti din industrie.

Pentru un adevarat succes in afaceri, managerii flotelor auto trebuie sa gestioneze corect toate operatiunile pentru atingerea unor obiective precum:

  • o buna coordonare a vehiculelor;
  • un cost operational scazut;
  • mentinerea corespunzatoare a starii tuturor vehiculelor;
  • actualizarea permanenta a rapoartelor de activitate din cadrul departamentului.

Mai jos, foto de la eveniment.


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Follow-up: A Business Mindset for NGOs. One Foundation`s Strategy in Sustainability – Master Class with Pamela Ratiu (Maastricht School of Management Romania, 2013.10.24)

In the workshop we have discussed briefly the value of sustainability in a foundation today, the difficulties existing in Romania, the lack of public sector funding and the lack of NGOs applying a business plan to foundations.  Today, unless a foundation has a sustainable business plan in place, the chances of the succeeding in meeting their goals is short lived.

Despite the vast number of NGOs in today`s Romania, few have business plans and even fewer are looking at sustainability.  Pamela Roussos Raţiu has started by reassessing their own foundations (they are actually 5 separate foundations), working with our resources at hand, as well as our strengths and weaknesses.


  • Pamela Roussous Rațiu, Executive Director of the Raţiu Family Charitable Foundation in Romania.
  • Mădălina Mocan, Executive Director of the Democracy Ratiu (CRD).
  • Ioana Rațiu-Răileanu, trustee Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation.

Below, photos and videos from the event.


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Follow-up: Prezentare McMici (2013.10.24, McDonald’s Victoriei)

McDonald’s reintroduce în oferta sa McMici, produsul creat special de companie pentru piața din România. Campania “Poftiți la McMici” va fi derulată în toate cele 67 de restaurante ale companiei, în perioada 25 octombrie – 28 noiembrie.

În data de 2013.10.24, la McDonald’s Victoriei, a avut loc o prezentare pe tema reintroducerii în ofertă a McMici.

Mai jos, foto de la eveniment:



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