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29 August 2013


Watching  a movie. You decompose this element by element:

  • If I go the the cinema, I see a movie in a dark setting. If I stay at home, I see a movie in a dark setting.
  • I can have popcorn and soda either at the cinema or at home.
  • I can be with someone at the cinema or at home.
  • The sound system at home and at the cinema is similar.
  • The screen at the cinema is larger, and they may have 3D glasses, but this isn’t that important to me.
  • At home, I can play/pause/forward.
  • At the cinema, I pay a premium.

All-in-all, after the decomposition, it appears that the home wins. You get pretty much the same experience, element-by-element, and you don’t have to pay the premium (you do pay something, but it’s less than at the cinema).

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Conference follow-up

I see this quite a lot:

  • I give my business card to a person.
  • They subscribe me to their newsletter.

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