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17 August 2013

My gorgeous article about the best attributes to successfully use

You see things like these all the time:

  • Best price.
  • Probably the best beer in the world.
  • Good, better, Gösser. (beer)
  • The best or nothing.
  • Life tastes good.
  • The most [freely insert attribute here] on the market.

In the above text, some of the words are adjectives, some are adverbs. I’ll call them all attributes and I’ll write this blog post only about them. 5812081550_d55a8ac5b8_z5812081550_d55a8ac5b8_z

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Follow-up: Friendly talk!, Terasa The Embassy (2013.08.16)

La așa chemare:

We would love to meet you all to a casual talk while enjoying a cold beer or cocktail. Let’s see if we can gather a bigger group for our next meetup! :)

Au răspuns da mai mulți oameni – Terasa The Embassy, 16 august 2013.

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