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11 May 2013

The power of free

dan-snapshotDan Ariely wrote about the power of the free:

The results indicate that the power of “free” is surprisingly influential.  When we face a decision about a tattoo, one would hope that the long term permanency of the decision, coupled with the risks of getting different types of infections would cause people to pay little attention to price, and certainly not to be swayed one way or another by the power of free.  But sadly, the reality (at list in the nightclub scene in New York) suggests that the power of free can get us to make many foolish decisions. (source)

So, for one, the free makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do. But, after you get something which has some value to you for free, you may also get another feeling – grateful, thankful, obliged even. I want to talk about this matter.

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Follow-up: Banii. Mijloc sau Scop – Petru Luhan, Niels Schnecker, Cristian Șoimaru, Balazs Barabas (2013.05.08)

Al doilea modul de discuţii din cadrul seriei “Valori şi Modele” propune o dezbatere deschisă în jurul conceptului de bani şi a importanţei acestora ca vector de împlinire personală. Încercăm să aflăm dacă pot fi împăcate mijloacele şi scopurile şi câtă durabilitate sau fragilitate este de găsit în vieţile construite exclusiv pe puterea financiară.

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