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2 April 2013

Tip – save the things which mean something to you, from the Internet

1547549511_1f2f68741dI was recently looking for an article which I know I’ve read in the past 30 days. I’ve used anything which was at hand – browser history, Google Web History, software to download data, software to check the history of the browser, other utilities. I ended by having an Excel with 90,000+ entries, after duplicates were removed, representing URLs and titles of the web sites I opened in the past few months. I looked as quickly as you can into a file of this size, and I gave up. The link just wasn’t to be found.

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Cum să îți găsești o nișă în care să activezi?

În opinia mea, pe Net nu poți găsi răspunsul la nișa perfectă punând întrebări despre ce nișe să alegi. Poți însă să ai uneltele care să te ajute să îți găsești tu însăți o nișă bună.

Câteva exemple de început: