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31 March 2013

Where does “passion” come from?

The word “passion” comes from:

1125–75; Middle English  (< Old French ) <
Medieval Latin passiōn-  (stem of passiō ) Christ’s sufferings onthe cross,
any of the Biblical accounts of these (> late Old English passiōn ),
special use of Late Latin passiō suffering, submission,
derivative of Latin passus,  past participle of patī  to suffer, submit;
see -ion (source)

“Passion” can be, thus, interpreted less as:

  • Ah, look at my energy, I am so energetic, let’s put energy.

And more as:

  • I will suffer for this.

How does one suffer, in business environments? Most likely – through work.

So, “passion” is more about “work” than it is about a special emotion. :)

Note: the current definition contradicts me, but the name origin doesn’t.

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You have a roll-up. How to put the logo on it?

For photographic purposes, the best idea would be to put the logo as high as possible on it. The reason? When photos are being taken, if there is a person in front of the roll-up, the brand will be covered. Put the logo very high on the banner.

Note: Tip via Radu Grozescu.

External blitz without a power cord

There are external blitzes which don’t require an electric source to operate. You can turn them without a power cord. Useful. :)

Note: Tip via Radu Grozescu.

Why use a lateral Flash when taking photos?

A lateral flash gives you shadows. Shadows give you volume.

Note: Idea via Radu Grozescu.


SlideShare is wrong when they ask for a premium in order to make some presentation private. It’s a feature more useful to them, instead of to their user database.