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23 February 2013

Cum să obții o listă de cuvinte cheie relevante pentru un site?

logo-ciso-dentallogo-ciso-dentalSă zicem că avem site-ul http://cisodental.ro/ – o clinică stomatologică, se ocupă de implant dentar. Cum se stabilește lista de cuvinte cheie?

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Usability audits made by me

Generally, an audit made by me is private. The ones below are public:

A check-up of implementation, for a small review, not a complex one:

SEO audits made by me

Generally, an audit made by me is private. The ones below are public:

Audituri SEO realizate

În general, un audit realizat de mine este privat. Cele de mai jos sunt publice:

The rules of the Orthodox Romanian Church

There is a general perception that the Orthodox Romanian Church. The perception is based on valid arguments, a lot of times people representing the clergy give you rules, habits, suggested actions – “In order to get to God, you should do X / Y / Z”. Invariably, some rules seem stupid (Why should I feast? Why do I have to go to church each Sunday?), while for others there is a conflict of interest (You should give money to the Church, and since I am your closes representative of the Church to you, you may give it to me).

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Orthodox solution

There is a short story by Gala Galaction which says that a serial killer wanted to convert to Orthodoxy, but he had killed almost 100 people. But he wants to convert and not stop the kills. To convert and keep on killing.

The guy kills the few priests/monks who tell him that he should stop with the kills, he can’t join Orthodoxy and still keep on killing people. He reaches the 99 limit, and knows that at 100 he will die.

One last person tells him that it’s OK to join Orthodoxy and still keep on killing. But prior to continuing his kills, he should do some rituals. And he prays for lots of years in a church.

At some point, he does a good deed by killing a person (he kills one devilish person who wants to marry an innocent person) and dies and presumably goes to heaven.

There is a saying in Romanian proverbs which says you can’t do impure, lust actions (the proverb is more plastic) and still have your soul in heaven. While this is true, there are some exceptions to this rule, which fascinate me. See the above example. The guy kills not for himself, to derive pleasure of killing, but for others, to help others. It’s really tough for me how you can have sex for the good of others :) , yet the general principle that you can do some things and still be an Orthodox is a nice one.